Five Reasons NOT to Be a Feminist Man

Have you ever had the experience of reading something so dumb, so poorly reasoned that you could actually feel your IQ reducing? I did when I just finished the article at the following link…..

Apart from the fact that male feminists are not men and not worthy of any of the respect that comes from being a man, the whole article is the most idiotic example of why feminists deserve no credibility whatsoever. The author of the post – a mangina named Jonathan – lists what he sees as five good reasons to become a feminist man. I want to have a look at these reasons and put them in a bit of perspective. The reasons as listed in the article from one to five are……

1)      There is absolutely no moral argument against feminism. Not one.

Yes, there is – feminism promotes undeserved entitlement for women whilst at the same time promoting misandry. Despite what feminists claim, feminism has never been about equality; feminism has been about the subjugations and persecution of men. If feminists ever want to admit that many of their gains have resulted in unfair outcomes for men I might be prepared to listen to them. If you want examples of unfair treatment of men as a result of feminism, think no-fault divorce, lifetime alimony, parental alienation, men jailed for false rape accusations, male homelessness, male deaths in the workplace to name a few. Each of these issues are ones that affect men far more than they affect women but when was the last time you heard a feminist say that men are getting a rough deal? Probably never, I’ll bet. This in itself is a good reason NOT to become a male feminist; men need to stick up for their own rights.

2)      The more feminist men there are, the fewer women will get raped. Seriously.

This does make sense in a way but I’d like to see this actually proven before laid as a claim. The obvious inferences here are a) that all men in their element are basically rapists looking for a target and b) that all rapists are non-feminist males and all non-rapists are feminist males. The obvious flaw with this logic is that the vast majority of men are in fact, non-rapists who would never consider raping a woman. The fact that rape is relatively rare is proof of that. However that doesn’t fit in with the feminist narrative. Part of the ideology of feminism is to destroy conventional masculinity (the same masculinity that allowed men to build society as we have it today) and replace it with an emasculated “masculinity” that panders to each and every feminist whim. The best way to do that is to get men doubting their own concepts of masculinity by having them feel shame for being men in the conventional sense. How better to do that than have every man feel that by not being a feminist, he is more likely to be a rapist? This is another reason NOT to become a male feminist; men have a right to define masculinity as it suits them. Most non-feminist men are not rapists and never will be. Anyone who buys into the feminist trope of “all men are rapists” is an idiot and should be treated accordingly. Men should not be expected to change their concept of masculinity to suit women. After all, men don’t expect women to change their concept of femininity to suit men.

3)      When women are in charge of stuff, they do a really good job.

This is just the mission statement of affirmative action re-worded and dumbed down. It has never been proven that giving someone a job because they have a vagina equals a job being competently done. If anything, history has been littered with women who when given high-powered positions, have fucked them up. Think of recently deposed Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard who will go down in history as the worst PM this country has ever seen. Think of Gillard’s front bench appointees Tanya Plibersek, Nicola Roxon and Penny Wong, all promoted because they were women and all have been duds in their portfolios. Think of former Western Australian Premier Carmen Lawrence, former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, former Victorian Premier Joan Kirner and former ACT Chief Minister Kate Carnell – all complete non-performers who left their states and territories in significantly worse shape than when they found them. The Australian Public Service is similarly littered with women who on performance alone shouldn’t have a job and on it goes. The best person for the job is always the best person for the job and this has absolutely nothing to do with sex. Appointing someone to a position because they happen to be a woman first and foremost is a recipe for disaster and this has been proven over and over in history. The statement that “When women are in charge of stuff, they do a really good job” is nothing more than discrimination against men and for this reason, is another good reason NOT to become a male feminist.

4)      When abortion is restricted, people die

Are you fucking serious? When abortion is allowed, people die – they’re called babies. Let’s not fuck around the bush here – I don’t use de-personalising language like “embryos” or “foetuses” to lessen the impact of abortion because that is bullshit. Abortion is the killing of babies, pure and simple. Ending this barbaric practice would save countless lives throughout the world each year. No doubt some feminist idiot will chime in with the fact that a percentage of women die giving birth and I am not going to argue that fact. However, someone dies 100% of the time during abortion; again this is called a baby. Another common argument is that some pregnancies are the result of rape; possibly true but given the relative rarity of rape, I estimate that we are talking about a very small portion of unwanted pregnancies being attributable to rape. Yet another argument is that even during consensual sex, common contraception is not completely reliable. Again true but then no one forces women to have consensual sex; if a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant, she should keep her knees together. Unborn babies shouldn’t be punished because most women are sluts who fuck like rabbits. Being expected to support on-demand abortion is another reason for a man not to become a male feminist.

5)      Oppression doesn’t end until the oppressor stops oppressing

That is hypocrisy at its worst. Not only were women never oppressed by men, feminism is nothing more than the wish for women to oppress men. Judging by the way society is headed, the femi’s are doing a pretty good job. Referring back to my response to point 1), there are any number of ways that feminism has influenced laws to introduce unwarranted oppression on men. If feminists are serious about ending oppression, they can start in their own backyards. The paragraph in the article under this point is so littered with idiocy it is hard to read without laughing. There is one quote that really stands out: “You don’t feel like an oppressor. Of course you don’t. If you did, you’d stop doing the things that oppress people! That’s how oppression usually functions in the real world.” That pretty much sums up how feminism works but try telling that to a feminist. Not wanting to be oppressed by feminist rule is yet another reason NOT to become a male feminist.

I really like these articles where the authors lay it out for me to prove to the world what complete idiots they are. In this case, I barely had to think about it. Just as well as I still feel brain-damaged from reading the source article in the first place. In summary, there are no reasons to be a male feminist and lots of reasons NOT to be.