Amelia Earhart – Fraud

I saw the following post over at Dalrock’s blog when it first came out a couple of years ago……..

To most Americans, Amelia Earhart has been painted as an early role model for asipring women. The first woman to do this and whatever else, blah blah, blah. In reality – which I was unaware of until I read Dalrock’s article – Earhart was a fraud whose only “achievements” were to ride on the abilities of men who actually did all the hard work for her. History shows that earhart was incompetent as a pilot, navigator and in radio communications. No doubt these factors lead to her inevitable demise yet somehow she is remembered as being this great female aviator (aviatrix). There is a good reason why we have a special name for female aviators – none of the competant, truly memorable aviators in history were women. An aviatrix is a woman who pretends to be able to pilot an aircraft. In this sense, Amelia Earhart was certainly well qualified as an aviatrix.

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