ROK – “A Good Wife Versus A Bad Wife”

The following post appeared over at ROK the other week……..

This is a pretty good description of what most men want in a wife on one hand and what they actually get on the other and the contrast is massive. The former example would have most men lining up to propose to her. If most women were like this, the concept of a marriage strike would become both redundant and insane in an instant. The second example is probably closer to the reality of the modern woman/wife than most people would care to admit – especially feminists. Any woman whom is even remotely like the woman in this example is going to have a hard time capturing a quality man and will have little offer any man.

In reality, both of the examples listed are taken from the extremes; no good wife could possibly be that good (could she?) and no bad wife could be that bad (although I know of a few women that would come close). Feminists reading the article would no doubt state that men should be grateful for what they get and therein lies a large chunk of the problem – if women view that it is their job to set the standards for female behaviour for men to accept (and they are allowed/encouraged to do so) then no-one should be surprised when women devolve into something that in no way represents value for a man to marry. At the same, it is unreasonable for men to expect their women to be virtual slaves, which is pretty much what the first example aims at. In the same way as men expect their wives to treat them with respect, the same has to work the other way around.

When I think of my idealised marriage partner – not that I have any intention of getting married – I tend to think of a woman who serves and respects me as I serve and respect her. I’m willing to bet most men feel the same way. Sadly, modern women seem to want to have relationships all their own way with no room for the compromise necessary to sustain a relationship. With this is mind, I don’t hold out great hope for healthy male/female relationships in the future.

(Hopefully) No Pussy-Pass for Johdi

Recently, Johdi Meares – a washed up model and wannabe designer – was in court over a car crash that demolished a number of vehicles

Apparently no-one was injured but that is aside form the point; basically, one has to fuck up wholesale to demolish multiple vehicles in one crash and that’s exactly what Meares did. As it turns out, Meares was pissed as a boot when she fucked up colossally. Not that this is Meares first conviction for stupidity behind the wheel, either; whilst not mentioned in the link, Meares has an extensive history of disregard for the laws of the road. Given all the above, you’d thin the powers that be would go way beyond throwing the book at Meares and launch the whole library instead. Alas no, whilst she could have been jailed for eighteen months, Meares was slapped with a paltry $1100 fine. I have no doubt that had Johdi Meares been John Meares he would have seen then inside of a jail cell, no two ways about it. But seeing as Johdi has a vagina, she was let off with a slap on the wrist with a wet lettuce leaf.

Fortunately, the New South Wales police force has asked the director of public prosecutions to review the sentence. This is a good thing on two counts: firstly, it sends the message that vaginally-equipped humans are subject to the same laws as everybody else and secondly, it may actually serve as a wake up call to Meares to change her behaviour before she manages to kill somebody.

I am normally a huge critic of police in general but in this case, I will take my hat off to them.

More Wages Gap Nonsense

I caught the following article in a national newspaper this morning………

Herald Sun Clip

I was under the impression that the “Wage Gap” had been debunked as the absolute load of feminist bullshit it is. If you take in the tone of the article and the indignant attitude of Elizabeth Broderick – the Australian Sex Discrimination Against Men Commissioner – it sounds like the poor women of Australia have long been paid significantly less than men for doing the same work. Anyone with a glimpse of intelligence can see this for the load of nonsense it is; why would any employer in their right mind pay a man more to do the exact same job under the exact same conditions to deliver the exact same results as opposed to a woman? The answer is obvious – they wouldn’t and they don’t. Employers aren’t in the business of making women look good or meeting affirmative action targets; employers are in the business of making money for their stakeholders. If an employer is paying a man more money than they would a woman then you can bet your ass there will a reason for it. BY the same token, if an employer is paying a woman less than a man for the same job, you can bet there will be a reason for that as well. In my experience, there are any number of reasons why women get paid less than men; these include……..

  1. Women tend to be less productive than men. Given that women come to work to socialise, this should not surprise anyone. If you don’t believe me, walk into any office where there are a number of people from both genders working (I’m using the term generously when referring to women). Straight off you will notice the men are the ones doing the work whilst the women will just be sitting around talking, painting their nails or fucking about on Facebook. Women love to use the excuse that they are “multitasking” but in reality, women don’t multitask and better than men do. Contrary to what most women seem to think, doing five things at once and fucking them all up is not multitasking, it is a waste of time. No employer is going to pay well for that.
  2. Women take more sick days per year than men. I have never met a woman who does not take at least one day off a month when she’s on the rag. Not only that, most women will take a sick day if they don’t feel like coming to work. The actual reason might be anything ranging from having a slight cold to being too tired from fucking all through the night. Whatever the reason, a day an employee takes sick is a double loss for the employer; on one hand, the absence of the employee results in lost productivity. On the other hand, the employer has to pay the employee whilst she is not there.
  3. Men work more hours a week – often in their own time – than women. This tends to lead to greater productivity from the male gender. I read a study once that claimed that whilst very few men work less than forty hours a week, almost no women work more than forty hours a week. Time is money in the business world and the more time you put in, the more chance to make money you create. Businesses are not in the practice of paying women more to do less.
  4. Men don’t use their families/children to get out of duties they don’t like. Far more times than I care to remember, I have had to work with women who refuse to work after hours or work off-site as it will get in the road of their family life. Whilst this is fair enough as a decision, it doesn’t help the employer get shit done. If a woman won’t do what a man will, she should expect to be paid less as a result.
  5. Men don’t take maternity leave. Paid maternity leave is nothing but a loss for any business. In a similar vein, even unpaid maternity adds nothing to a company’s bottom line. Every time a woman takes maternity leave, the other employees have to pick up the slack which increases stress on them. Inevitably, when a woman returns to work from maternity leave, she will request to go part-time. This rarely helps the employer as if they wanted the woman on a part-time, they would have employer her part time in the first place. Basically, one of the reasons women are paid less is to compensate their employer for future inconveniences caused by their reproductive capabilities.
  6. Men are generally better educated than women. No doubt feminists with their masters in women’s studies and human resources will throw a shit-fit over this one but it is nonetheless true. Notice I said “better educated” and not “more educated”. The biggest problem with women coming out of university is that they tend to major is useless nonsense that has little or no value to the marketplace. The abovementioned women’s studies and human resources are two great examples. In reality, there is no end to the useless qualifications a woman can waste four or more years of her life doing that no employer is going to pay her well for upon graduation. Women seem to have the idiotic notion in their heads that as long as they have some piece of paper with some useless qualifications on it, they should be entitled to a high salary. Men – on the other hand – seek qualifications employers actually want. Whilst this is the harder road to tread, the results are there in the end. Until women get it through their thick heads that they need to spend their years in university getting the qualifications employers want as opposed to majoring in being sluts, male university graduates will always be paid more.
  7. Men are prepared to take more risks in their work. If you look at the major component of the private industry – especially those putting their money into business ventures – you will find this is the general province of men. Men are born risk assessors and takers; we thrive on the competitive cut and thrust of industry. The very nature of the private world is you either sink or swim and those who prosper in such a hard environment deserve to be rewarded for their achievements. It is not discrimination that few women are prepared to take risks. It is even less to do with discrimination that even fewer women have the business acumen to be successful as a result of their own efforts.
  8. Women tend to choose jobs with security and convenience over those that involve risk. It is no great coincidence that the majority of public servants in any country tend to be female. Why, you ask – because public service involves a near-guaranteed income whilst requiring precious little from the employee in return; what better a job description could a woman ask for. Additionally, women tend to choose jobs that have family friendly hours with companies that offer generous paid maternity leave. In short, women tend to want to work for what they can get out of it exclusively. Men, on the other hand, are prepared to work hard for what they are paid. Which of the two do you think is more valuable to any prospective employer?
  9. Employing women means expanding the human resources budget. If you look at any organisation (large or small) that employs a percentage of women, you will notice they spend a certain amount of time/money dealing with HR issues. Usually, the greater the percentage of women employed means a greater amount of time/money spent dealing with HR issues. Given that HR is a “profession” that almost exclusively deals with the problems caused by employing women in the first place, this should come as no great surprise. If women are going to be the primary – if not, then the sole – cause of HR expenditure, then it only fair the costs of this should be deducted from the collective female wage. After all, most organisations that employ exclusively men don’t have HR departments as they don’t need them. If men don’t cause HR issues – and generally we don’t – why should their pay be docked to pay for it? As long as women want to come to work to socialise, bitch and cause shit-fights, it is only fair the solutions to these problems come out of their wages.Getting back to Elizabeth Broderick’s unjustified whinge that women are paid less than men, get over it. The evident is clear that, by and large, women aren’t worth as much as men. Rather than complain how “depressing” it is than women don’t get paid as much as men, Broderick would be better served getting of her overpaid (and not to mention, useless) ass and doing something about it. By this, I am not talking about lobbying the government to pass draconian laws that reward inferior women for doing less. I am talking about creating initiatives to allow women to address their failings that result in them being paid less than men. I am not going to hold my breath on this one, however; if women were able to take that degree of responsibility for themselves, they already would have. As it is, women will just continue to bitch about how unfair the world is when they themselves actually cause the problem.

Multiculturalism is a Bad Idea

I just happen to see the following article over at Ninemsn……..

Australia and the rest of the western (read: civilised) world are increasingly at risk from terrorism from Islamic extremists. We have been relatively lucky that no terrorist acts have been carried out on Australia to date. To a large degree, this can be put down to Australia being an island which makes it easier to control who sets foot here. Given that terrorists have historically been from the middle east, this is fortunate indeed. The bad news in that increasingly, Australian citizens (both by birth and naturalisation) are leaving Australia to train with terrorists in countries like Syria. To date we are taking about a very small number of people but it doesn’t take many people to cause death on a wide scale. The frightening part is that – as I understand it – there is nothing that can be done to stop these terrorist trained Australians from returning to Australia because they are Australian citizens. Does anyone actually believe people train as terrorists to do anything other than kill as many innocent people as possible?

How did we get to this state? The answer is the long-held Australian immigration policy of multiculturalism. Unlike most countries that expect immigrants to assimilate into the broader population by giving up their previous culture, language, politics and religion, Australia encourages people to come to Australia and make no effort to be Australian. There is no end of immigrants in our great nation who can’t speak English, practice a religion that is incompatible with Christian values and have cultural beliefs that would not be allowed from anyone born here. Worst of all, multiculturalism encourages immigrants to bring their various hates to Australia, even if the people they happen to hate include Australians. The best (and probably worst) example of this is anyone from the middle east. Pretty much all such people speak poor English and practice Islam, a religion based on violence and fear which is completely incompatible with Australian values – Christian or not. The Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has raised the issue of middle eastern immigrants flying the flags of their home countries – many of which have official policies of terrorist sympathy. In the USA, for example, the only national flag allowed to be flown in that of the USA. Presumably their attitude is one of if you want to fly a foreign flag, go back where you came from. The same needs to happen here. People from other nations really need to be forced to make a decision one way or the other: if you want to come to/stay in Australia, then become an Australian in every way possible. If you want to fly the flag of your homeland and practice your native religion and culture, buy a plane ticket and fuck off.

The biggest problem Australia has right now regarding terrorism is the vast majority of moderate Muslims (whatever the fuck a moderate Muslim is I’ll never know) who refuse to speak out against the Islamic extremists. We Australians have a right to expect to know where the moderates stand on the issue because right now we don’t have a fucking clue. More to the point, if the moderates won’t take a stand against the extremists – like any reasonable Australian would do – then why are they here? PM Abbott is quite right to expect the moderates to join Team Australia and denounce Islamic extremism. After all, if they won’t even do that, do they really have a place here.

Ultimately, it is the policy of multiculturalism that has led us to this end. It is high time this socially divisive policy is abolished and all people coming to this great nation need to be expected and made to assimilate into the greater Australian way of life.

More Evidence the End of Men May Be Near

Following on from my last post, I came across another post that shows a similar (and Just as depressing) trend amongst men….

I think the title in the link says it all and gives a sad indication of what comes next. Have a look at the described episode in the link if you want a truly sad depiction of what modern men – especially younger men – have fallen to. The following quote from the nicely sums up my whole attitude towards men getting involved with slutty, inferior women…..

With men choosing to wife up whores, sluts and porn stars, the end of men, a fairy tale prophesied by feminists seems even truer.  Men are contributing to their own end and destruction of their self respect in the eyes of women by making faulty choices when choosing mates. The levels of sexual thirst among modern men propelled by permissiveness in modern societies, blinds men on how to distinguish between a good woman and a slut. Unless men develop more taste and standards when it comes to choosing the women they want to mate with, the self degradation by women through slutty personal behavior will continue even more, who’d still know there’d be someone to wife them up.”


I hope you are starting to see the dots connect. Thirst and desperation are so high among men that they are willing to tolerate the most humiliating behavior among their girlfriends or future wives. It’s clear that this can only come from a culture that puts women high up on the pedestal, brainwashing men into believing that nothing a woman does is unforgivable.

It’s too bad that men like ballnlife_jay have to put up with what amounts to relationship abuse, all because they were born in a country which has led them to believe that women are infallible snowflakes. We’re seeing nothing less than the standardization and acceptance of cuckoldry among all men, not just the weirdos who frequent swingers events.”

Sadly, the above is completely true. By accepting women whom are not worthy of any man’s long term affections and devotion, men are effectively pissing in their own pool. Whilst it is true that the hypergamous nature of women will lead them to fuck the next guy man who makes her pussy tingle – regardless of her current relationship status – that men effectively accept this as the norm gives women their best blessing to keep on doing it. The whole reason we have (or used to have) social standards for each sex was so that members of the human race wouldn’t degenerate into primitive savagery. Unfortunately, social standards need to be enforced and when they are not, those members of society that see benefit – to them – of acting out their basest desires and impulses will do so. Make no mistake – women have always had hypergamous instincts; however, in times past, women were heavily censured and stigmatised for acting on these instincts. Now that society (and largely male society at that) has removed all barriers that previously discouraged women from acting like bitches in heat, why us anyone surprised that they do just that. Not that you are ever going to hear a word of complaint from women about the status quo……

You won’t find one complaint about this trend from women, but many men will suffer for it emotionally and psychologically.”

Why would any woman complain about the above trend? Effectively, society has empowered women to act like sluts when they are young, with the knowledge that when they are ready to settle down (womanese for being too old to attract alphas anymore), a nice beta (or worse) sucker will be waiting to wife them up. Once such undeserving women have landed their beta-sucker, they still have no obligation to reform their adulterous ways. Quite opposite if anything; should an alpha wish to fuck a former slut (an oxymoron if there ever was one), the said slut will drop her panties faster than she can think. Sadly, by wifeing up slutty women in the first place, men are effectively condoning such behaviour. More sadly, by wifeing up former sluts, men are effectively adding to their own decline. In the above example, do you think the wife of the beta is going to have any respect for her husband? Not fucking likely. Do you think any other woman (or man, for that matter) who hears of this episode is going to have any respect for the beta? Again, not fucking likely. Given that women hear stories like the one above regularly – and I am willing to bet they do – is it any wonder most women have so little respect for men nowadays? This is where the real problem starts – someone (or a demographic of someones) you have no respect for is someone you treat poorly. Now, if men had an awareness of the basic hypergamous nature and behaviour of the female gender and acted accordingly, all would probably end well. However, most men don’t. Most men are still brought up with the feminist narrative of women being sugar and spice and all that horseshit. This ultimately tends to create a rose-coloured image of women that most men go though great and repeated heartache until they realise they have been sold a colossal pile of horseshit. One only has to wonder at the sheer collective amount of psychological damage done to men. Certainly, if men were able to perform similar psychological damage to women, there would be an outcry with much shaming thrown in to boot. If nothing else, this is the role of the manosphere and the men’s movement at large; men need to be armed with the knowledge and defences that will allow them to cope with the women and the larger world of today. Educating men as to how to cope with reality as it was a generation ago only sets men up for failure.

If I only help one man through my writings/rantings, then my efforts will have been worth it.

The End of Men May Truly Be Arriving

When I first read that silly bitch of a feminist, Hannah Rosin, give her presentation on the end of men, my first thought was, “Are you fucking serious?” A world without men would have women living in grass huts in about twenty years. Then I saw the following article over at ROK……..

There is a really concerning statement in the post that seem to be backed up by a link to another article. I am referring to the 61% of men who wold date/marry a porn star.

Fuck. Me. Dead.

How utterly pathetic does a man have to be to accept a woman who makes a career out of fucking as many men as she can while being video recorded doing it? It is bad enough that many men marry women who are sluts or single moms (which are the same group of women by and large), but porn stars? WTF does a porn star have to offer as a wife? What does a porn star have to offer as a mother? How would a man like to have his children teased mercilessly as school by someone who has found one of mommies vids on the ‘net. Keep in mind that due to the ‘net, no one ever forgets anything. Marry a porn-whore and your wife’s deeds will be online for anyone to jerk off to any time they like. Do any of these 61% of men think a real man would marry a porn star? Hell, real men don’t marry single moms; to a real man, a single mom is the dregs – a porn star is just a come receptacle for the masses.

I have no doubt that fifty years ago, only the most desperate of men would have wanted to have anything whatsoever to do with a porn star. Back then, men still had some idea how to be men. Nowadays, men are fucked; testosterone levels are falling and increasing numbers of men are wifeing up women their fathers wouldn’t have pissed on. If this keeps on going, the end of men will be nigh. There will still be males; there just won’t be any men

WTF is it with Violent Moms at Skateparks

I saw the following post recently………

Basically, I have to agree – I have seen any number of vids over the years of grown women with children going completely batshit at skateparks and I have to wonder, what gives? I mean, there must be any number of possible venues for women to make complete asshats out of themselves in public yet skateparks seem to be a favourite. By the same token, why women? I haven’t seen too many vids of men going apeshit at skateparks (I have, however, seen any number of vids of men going apeshit just about everywhere else but that’s beside the point). I have a theory that might help explain this phenomenon. Have you ever seen a woman go section eight at a group of teenage rugby players? Neither have I and the reason for that is likely to be that teenage rugby players are seriously fucking huge and would probably give an abusive woman a well-deserved ass kicking. Teenage skateboarders – on the other hand – tend to be a bunch of scrawny wimps who couldn’t fight their way out of a box of tissues so the likelihood of being shit-kicked as a result of abusing them is likely to be zero. Modern women seem to love using being abusive as a means of showing just how “strong” and “empowered’ they think they are – just as long as there is no actual risk to them. Any individual with an ounce of intelligence – ie not a woman – knows that abusing someone who won’t fight back makes you neither strong nor empowered, it makes you a bully. It also makes you a coward, which is probably the best explanation for the why mothers like to abuse teenage boys at skateparks.

Fucked Up Executions

When it comes to punishment for serious crimes, I am all for the death penalty. Sadly, we don’t have capital punishment in Australia which has resulted in huge numbers of scumbags still walking the earth when they should be under it. That aside, I have always believed that if you’re going to do something, you might as well overdo it. If you are going to kill a shit-bird in the name of the law, then it needs to be done in a manner that stops them wasting oxygen in a quick and definite fashion. I mean how hard can that be? Well, if you happen to be one of the idiots that designs means for capital punishment in the USA, it would appear to be very hard. See the link below…..

Seriously, if working out how to kill someone who needs killing was hard, then how the hell do gangbangers manage to do it? I can’t imagine that too many of those shitheads slinging dope in whatever fucking city in the USA would have a surplus of brain cell to rub together but they seem to kill people all the time. This leads me to conclude one of two things: either………….

a) The best and brightest in the USA really aren’t that switched on. Keep in mind that the USA is a nuclear superpower and that is a seriously scary thought.


b) The actually want people to suffer during capital punishment but they just won’t admit it.

I am not sure which of the above worries me less.

MarkyMark – What Men Should Know BEFORE Getting Married

Marriage, being the total minefield it is (al least for men), is something that should come with a legally-approved warning. Something along the lines of, “You are about to do something that may well fuck up the rest of your life so think about it first”. In the following post from MarkyMark’s blog, this is pretty much spelled out in great detail…..

If you are thinking of getting married, read this post first. It may just save you from making the biggest mistake of your life.

Petty Squabbling in the Manosphere

I came across the following post over at ROK yesterday which highlights some important issues facing then men’s movement at large…..

The author of the piece, Samson Lamont, mentions three basic problems a lot of guys commenting on men’s rights blog have. For the point of summary, those points are….

a) Arguing (or better yet, petty squabbling)

b) Making ad hominem attacks on each other

c) Being overly concerned about our credibility in the eyes of the mainstream

As SL points out, these are problems that plague the manosphere that seem to be largely absent on the feminist front……

At the time of this article, Jizzabel’s Fakebook page has 488,316 likes. Femifisting has 124,976. ROK has 9,111. That should put into perspective where we stand. I check out these sites periodically because I like to know my enemy, and the one thing that stands out in stark contrast to our site is this: unity. Their comments section is virtually devoid of the petty squabbling that you see here. While their thought processes are clearly out of touch with reality, at least they are in agreement within their delusion.”

Ironically, nothing screams nil credibility like being unable to hold a unified, cohesive front; something a lot of guys commenting on MR blogs do their damnest to fuck up. Keep in mind, we are fighting a battle whilst hugely outnumbered and this is just another kick in the nuts men don’t really need.

For all their delusional thinking, feminist blogs and sites are hugely unified in their stance. Look at any feminist blog and pretty much all the comments are in the same vein. True enough, feminist blogs – like all left wing sites – tend to practice heavy censorship of discerning opinions but nonetheless, their cohesive front gives them a huge step up in the eyes of the mainstream. The petty squabbling and bitching that goes on in the manosphere does little but make MRA’s look like a bunch of rambling loonies (which is how we tend to be portrayed in the wider media).

I, for one, do not comment on many others blogs unless I feel I have something worthwhile to add. I also never comment purely for the sake of belittling the opinion of another commenter. Whilst we all believe the same basic ideas, there will always be subtle variations and tangents to those belief. If MRA’s spent more time discussing the major issues and agreeing to disagree on the minor details, the MR movement would take huge steps forward.