ShieldWife – “I Don’t Need a Man but…….”

There is a female pro-male blogger on YouTube by the name of ShieldWife. She has a number of quite good videos detailing the importance of men in the world and the generally dishonest nature of feminism. I recommend you have a look at this video as a great example.

One doesn’t have to look far to hear, see or read of some entitled modern-day woman claim how she doesn’t need a man. ShieldWife lists many common examples and what women actually mean. What independent women actually mean when they say the don’t need a man is that they need what men as a collective produce or provide. This ranges from various subsidies from the government (paid for by taxes largely paid by men) to social protection by the police and army (the only useful police officers and soldiers are men as women are physically unsuited for these roles). It turns out that women need men as much as they always have, they just don’t want to admit it.

As ShieldWife points out, where as men were once admired and respected by women for their contributions to society, modern women see the provisions of men as an entitlement. Needless to say, this has led to a situation whereby women have no respect for either men or what men provide. I believe this all started with no fault divorce. No fault divorce basically entitled a woman to at least half (and usually a hell of a lot more) if she felt like leaving him. Prior to this, women had to respect men who provided for them because if they didn’t, they would be left with nothing. Unfortunately, the world has gone to hell from there. Modern day women expect men to treat them with chivalry and respect regardless of how said women treat men. Modern women see idiotic notions such as paid maternity leave as an entitlement regardless of the fact that more productive men will be paying for it. Modern women believe that the tax dollar (the majority which is paid by men) should pay for their abortions, pap smears and contraception. All the while, modern women do as little as they can to contribute anything to men.

The fact remains, no matter what bullshit feminists and women at large claim, they all still need men and a hell of a lot more than men need women.

Why You Should Never Ask A Woman An Intelligent Question

The answer is, of course, that intelligent questions require intelligent answers. You tend not to get these from women. When asked a serious question, a woman will inevitably mislead you or have no idea what the fuck you are asking her. Either way, expecting a woman to give an intelligent answer to a question is simply being unrealistic. I had a great experience of this recently. I was shopping at the local Bunnings store. For those of you not in Australia, Bunnings is a national chain of hardware stores. The actual premises Bunnings favours are more like warehouse – very large with seemingly endless rows of shelves containing pretty much every possible thing related to hardware one could imagine. Our local Bunnings store is one great big rectangular building about 200 by 100 metres. The pace is massive. The ceiling is about 40 metres and the place is packed to the rafters with merchandise. Needless to say, if you don’t where something you want is, you can spend a lot of time looking for it. On this particular day, I was looking for a light switch. Having no idea where the electrical section was, I asked the young woman at the front of the store for directions – big mistake. The brief conversation went something like…..

Me: Excuse me, where wold I find the light switches?

Her: Oh, they’re in the electrical section in the other part of the building.

The young women then walked off, leaving me to make sense of her nonsensical answer.

Firstly, there is no “other” part of the building. The building is one and one alone. “Other” implies more than one. If there is only one – and in this case, there was – the world “other” does not apply. What the fuck did this dippy chick think she was talking about? Secondly, I would assume the light switches were in the “electrical section”; were else would they fucking be – the plumbing section? What I needed to know is where the electrical section is and Ms Dippychick did not help with that in the slightest. In short, the brief conversation was nothing more than a complete waste of my time. Fairly obviously, if that is the best advice Ms Dippychick can come up with, then she is a complete waste of a salary. None the wiser, I set off in search of the electrical section. Along the way, I came across a male Bunnings employee (and why the fuck would anyone employ a woman in a hardware store? Most women don’t know a hammer from their assholes) and repeated my initial enquiry. His answer was much more helpful…..

MBE: They’re in aisle 28, near where all the light fittings are.

Brilliant fucking answer. That’s exactly what I needed to know that the silly young woman at the front of the store didn’t tell me. Armed with me new information, I quickly found the switch I needed and was on my way.

I have had this happen me many a time over the years when asking women important questions and I have finally learned my lesson. The moral of the story is, if you need a proper answer to a question, don’t ask a woman.

This Is Why Women Need To Respect The Strength Of Men

Take a look at the following vid……

Apparently, the silly bitch female soldier (an oxymoron but what can I do?) was mouthing off that she could kick then ass of any marine on the base she was at. As the vid shows, she was outmatched by a not terribly fit looking male marine who subsequently cleaned the floor with her ass. In fairness, the fight should have been stopped the first time the femi-soldier was knocked over (which was about five seconds into the bout). That the fight went for another couple of minutes did nothing to help the female cause. If anything, the longer the fight went, the more mismatched the man and woman were. Given that men are vastly physically superior to women, the fight shouldn’t have been allowed to go ahead in the first place but then, the silly bitch in question would have been crowing about the marines not being able to fight a woman – you just can’t win.

The point is that women in the old days would have had a lot more sense than to challenge a man to a fight knowing that they would have their asses handed to them. Modern women think they are fucking invincible even when all the science available proves otherwise. Most men are smart enough to know when they are punching above their weight and wise up. Women never seem to have a fucking clue and keep on mouthing off until someone finally kicks their ass. Of course, when this happens, the said woman then cries and bitches about men being violent brutes who bully poor, little women. You can’t beat that logic.

Someone really needs to start telling women that no respecting men is a really fucking bad idea.

In Other Words – It Never Happened.

You may recall in this post that I referenced the reality that if a woman doesn’t go through with successfully prosecuting a man she accuses of rape, then she has no right to claim she was raped. Anything else is either slander against the particular man involved at the least. At worst, this represents slander against the entire male gender.

There was an alleged incident at Kings Cross, in Sydney, Australia not so long ago whereby a woman who went on a date claims she was raped by three men. The latest word is that she has withdrawn her complaint. Hmmmmmm………I wonder why? Given how vitriolic women are about rape, you’d think any woman who had even the slightest notion she had been raped would come out all guns blazing and not rest until her attackers had been jailed. This woman not only drops her complaint but she pisses off back to New Zealand. Could it be either that she made it up or the three-man gang-bang was in fact, consensual? Whatever the reason, one has to be suspicious. Personally, given the high rate of false rape accusations, I tend to view all and any claims of rape by women as suspicious. More so when the New South Wales Police force claims……..

All reports are treated seriously and are thoroughly investigated

Perhaps the women knew her allegations had no chance of getting off the ground and decided to cut her losses whilst she was still ahead. That she is now in another country will make it hard for the police to charge her with misappropriating police time if it turns out her allegations were wilfully false – how convenient. One of the police’s biggest problems is that they take women far too seriously; the sooner that the police start expecting women to start backing up their allegations (the same as applies to men), the sooner police will start making their jobs more meaningful.

Of course, none of the above is going to stop each and every rape activist from getting their say in…….

NSW Rape Crisis Centre executive officer Karen Willis said most people who reported sexual assault had been the victims of a serious crime.”

And just how do we know that? After all, we have this odd legal convention called innocent until proven guilty in Australia. Of course, that will never stop each and every feminist from slandering the male gender at any opportunity which is why they get into the rape industry in the first place. In reality, what Wills should have said was……

Most women who report sexual assault are alleging that they have been the victim of a serious crime.”


Wills also goes on to add…….

The old days of people not being believed are gone

When talking to feminists, mangina white-knights and other man-haters maybe. However, this site gives truth to just how prevalent false rape allegations are. Whilst some people are going to look at the original link and say “poor girl”, I suspect many more are going to read it and be just as suspicious as I am. Or course, that isn’t going to stop the NSW Rape Centre from spreading their bullshit……

Police know that, overwhelmingly, when people report sexual assault they are reporting a serious crime that’s occurred.”

I have three problems with that: firstly, don’t put word’s in the police’s mouth. That claim would be valid if it was from a representative of the NSW police. Seeing as it is not, shut the fuck up. Secondly, it is not the police job to determine guilt. It is the job of the police to gather evidence and if there is enough evidence to lay charges, then let the judiciary decide guilt or innocence. Finally, reporting a rape does not indicate a rape has occurred and the police are smart enough to know that. The man accused by the complainant of rape is entitled to an assumption of innocent until proven otherwise. The cops are not going to kick down a man’s door and slap him in handcuffs just because a woman cries rape. Besides, if everyday citizens like me and thee are aware of false rape allegations, what is the bet that the rank and file police officers are too?

However you slice it and dice it, the whole episode in the original like stinks like a ten-day old corpse in the sun. I suppose the man in question is lucky his name was not splattered all over the front of the newspapers and evening news. If there were less FRA’s I’d probably have a lot more sympathy for women who are actually raped.

Media Double Standards

Have you noticed the trend – in Australia, at least – that when a man is accused of a sexual crime (not convicted or even charged, mind you) – his image and name are published by the media at the first chance they get? So much for the famous innocent until proven guilty. You would think in a equal opportunity society they would apply the same standards to men and women. Apparently not.

This silly bitch fucks and abuses her own children and encourages them to do the same to each other and yet she is given a pseudonym and her image is fuzzed out. Talk about protecting the guilty. This is not uncommon, either. Even when the media recognises a woman has committed a grievous crime (in itself a rare event) they usually do everything they can to protect the offending female. So much for protecting the rights of others. But then again, the media has the same interests as everyone else; to protect the rights of women above all others.

This is what Feminists Want in Australia, Too!

The internet is littered with truly tragic abuses of men by their wives/girlfriends or whatever under the guise of domestic violence laws. Commonly these come from the USA, Canada or the UK. The following is but on example I have come across recently…..

Feminists and their mangina lackeys will always claim that it is always better to err of the side of caution when handling domestic abuse allegations but here’s the thing, the abovementioned people don’t have the same approach to female domestic violence against men. Hell, most feminists et al refuse to acknowledge that women can be guilty of domestic violence so effectively  this becomes a case of women encouraging abuse of males. Whilst I believe that men who genuinely abuse their women (and I’m talking about things that are actually abuse – let’s excuse bullshit examples of abuse like yelling and stopping your wife fucking every other guy in the neighbourhood) should be punished, it would be nice if the police, judiciary and society in general took female abuse of men just as seriously. It would be nice if money grew on trees, too but that ain’t gonna happen either.

The thing that really gets my goat is when men are effectively punished by the mere accusation of domestic violence (through means of job loss, imprisonment and restraining orders) when there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that any p[roof has taken place. This is a common theme in the men’s rights sphere and one I have read all too often. We have a thing called “innocent until proven guilty” in the modern world; even people accused of murder get this but due to feminist lobbying, men (and only men) accused of domestic violence do not. Even when – as in the link above – the man can prove that domestic violence has not taken place, the police, judiciary and society don’t want to know. For all effect, men assume the default position of abusers in modern society and pathetically, most of society is all too willing to believe this.

Whilst in the wide land of Australia, there is still some burden of proof on women who claim domestic violence, you can see that this will likely change at some stage in the future. Various feminist groups, the White Ribbon movement (read White Knight and Mangina Movement) and even the Victorian Police are lobbying for these changes. Men in Australia still enjoy the security of knowing that their women can’t criminalise them at the drop of a hat. Given that Australia tends to be a bit delayed in following world trends, one has to wonder how long it will be before burden of proof is eliminated in domestic violence accusations. Given that feminists in Australia see feminism in the USA as a role model, I suspect this day may not be too far away at all.

This Ad is NOT Sexist or Demeaning to Women

Apparently there is a bit of a hoo-ha about the new Subway ad (which has since been pulled). The “offending” ad and related media story can be seen here.

If someone can point out what it is about this ad that is offensive, I’d like to know. Certainly, none of the commenters to the media post had any problems with it . Most of the issue seemed to come from shitbag, leftist sites such as Jizzabelle and Stuffington Post. That should come as no surprise as pretty much the only people who read shit like these sites publish are idiots who cannot cope with the world around them.

But then, we all know the real reason why feminists get up in arms upon any presentation of attractive women in the media; feminists tend to be ugly women. Think about it – how many good-looking feminists do you know? Like all left-wing movements, feminism is heavily into censorship of anything it doesn’t like. Given that nearly all women are incredibly thin-skinned and unable to handle the slightest criticism, it makes sense that all the fatties and fuglies in the feminism movement are going to be gnashing teeth at the sight of slim, attractive women in any media offering. Does this make the media sexist – no it doesn’t and anyone who says it does needs a big cup of grow the fuck up. The facts are that slim women are attractive whilst fat chicks are repulsive and no amount of PC bullshit is going to change this fact. Men not only don’t want to see fat, unattractive women on Halloween, they don’t want to see fat, unattractive women – period. If feminists were even half as strong as they say they are, they’d acknowledge this fact of nature and start improving themselves instead of expecting the world to be adjusted to suit their distorted view of reality.

But then, since when has any feminist ever had a normal concept of reality?

How Pussified Can You Get?

If you want the answer to that one, check the link here.

If you can think of any sight more pathetic than grown men in high-heel shoes, feel free to eMail me about it. Apparently these “men” are so concerned about violence against women that they wear female shoes (for a mile?, a day?) to show how much they empathise. If this is such a good idea, why don’t women reciprocate? After all, one in three victims of domestic violence is male; why don’t we see women dressing up in some form of impractical male dressage? Ninety seven percent of all workplace deaths are male; we don’t see women doing anything to empathise with this. The well documented hypocrisy of women expecting men to show support for breast cancer whilst women ignore prostate cancer comes to mind.

Anyone around these manginas wearing high-heel shoes needs to be doing some serious shaming. Supporting a women’s cause (particularly when there is no hope of reciprocation) is one thing. Demeaning and debasing yourself in public is another. No one respects a pussified mangina; least of all the women he is trying to help. I hope someone tells these guys that.

A Great Primer on The Red Pill and Anti-Feminism

Whilst trolling looking through the ‘ net the other day, I came across this great link. For anyone who needs a quick up to speed on what is wrong with the world today and what caused it, look no further. Should anyone have any white-knight, mangina or other blue-pill oriented friends out their who need an education, this is the link for them. Apparently, the document in the link can be freely distributed so feel free to send it to whomever you think needs to read it.

ROK – “What To Do When She Claims To Have Been Raped In The Past”

I must be having a good run with comebacks to female bullshit as of late. I seem to have found another one here. I have met any number of women who claim to have been raped in their past and back in my blue-pill days I was the first one to offer a shoulder to cry on for a woman who cried “rape” and I never doubted a woman who claimed it. Now that I am proudly a red-pill man, I doubt each and every female claim of rape up to and until the alleged rapist is actually convicted. Given the high rate of false rape allegations, this is a sensible enough approach. Quite frankly, if people didn’t automatically take women’s word for it when it came to rape, the whole trend of women claiming to be raped would diminish exponentially.

So, what does ROK recommend one say when one hears a woman claim she was raped? Simple – one says……

The guy that did it is rotting away in prison, right?”

This absolute genius because it gets to the inevitable truth of the matter…..

Not a single woman has ever answered “yes” to that question. Out of a very healthy sample size of women—not one fucking “yes”…………….None of these women even pressed charges against their so-called attackers, either.”

Why would I not be surprised? It is far easier to make an allegation than it is to prove it. The reality is that a woman believing she was raped does mean she was raped. Proving in a court of law a woman was raped means a woman was raped (and given the low standards of evidence in rape cases, even that can be suspect).

The real problem is that many women seem to thinks a lot of things that are rape when obviously they are not……..

“……….it was usually revealed that a previous boyfriend pressured them for sex, or they got drunk off their asses and didn’t remember what happened. One girl in particular said she was raped by an ex-boyfriend at a party, and that her new boyfriend at the time broke up with her as a result. If I’m supposed to be compassionate towards a woman who was dumped because she got black-out drunk at a party with her ex-boyfriend and then ended up with him alone, in a bedroom, and in a sexual situation…”

Yep, there are a whole gamut of things that are simply not rape no matter how badly a woman might want them to be. But why do women do shit like this with no thought for the consequences to other people. Well, one reason is that in this case “other people” happen not to be women; that is no woman is ever going to suffer loss of reputation (or worse) as a result of a FRA. Another reason is……

Women are tattletales. That’s just what they do—they’re fucking narcs. They’re like this from the time they’re little girls. Almost every detention I ever received in school—and there were plenty—was due to some girl ratting me out for something.”

Damn right – I have had this happen to me so many times in my adult life it is not fucking serious. Ironically, the people women most love to rat to about men are other men (which speaks volumes for how much women actually need men to handle their shit for them. It also speaks volumes for how “strong and independent” most modern women are).

Women are even worse for this when they have a bone to pick…….

If a woman was truly the victim of a savage attack, she’s not going to just let it roll off her back like nothing happened. When shit gets real, women always go for help.”

Amen to that. The only thing that is going to stop a woman pressing charges and following through with prosecution for rape is the rape never happening in the first place. That is well worth keeping in mind the next time you hear some dopey woman trying to gain your sympathy for an imaginary rape.

What is the best way to react when it turns out a woman alleging rape has never even bothered to press charges……..

All of this has made me adopt a very tough stance on women and their rape claims. The simple fact of the matter is whenever I hear the word “rape” come from a woman’s mouth—especially if she didn’t file a police report—it’s over.”

I agree completely. I have no doubt that the vast majority of the bullshit claim of “1 in 5 women will be raped in their lifetime” are women who allege rape without taking it any further. Sorry, Sweethearts, but that shit just don’t fly. You don’t get to use your imagination to trash to entire male gender. The reality it that very few women are raped but that don’t suit the feminist narrative……

Almost no men are rapists, but almost all women will play Faust at the crossroads and sell off their dick-stained 10-cent souls in exchange for attention.”

That pretty well sums it up.