Yet Another “Man Drought” Article

If I had five cents for every time I have seen a different – yet still meaningless – article on the fictitious “man drought”, I could retire a wealthy man. I simply do not know what the fuck it is with modern women who do everything possible to make themselves unmarriable and then wonder why they can’t attract men to them. The article that would theoretically earn me five cents is the following…..

In 1976, there were 54,000 more 30-something men than women in Australia. By 2006, there was a shortage of 9000 men.”

You’d think that would be a fucking clue to Australian women, wouldn’t you? But no, the dears are out again blaming men for all their dating ills and then expecting society to do something about it. With the odds against them, the smart thing would be for women to start looking in their own backyards as to why Aussie men are shunning them. Yet, the reality is quite the opposite…..

This means that the odds for an Australian woman of finding a partner have altered over the course of a generation. There is simply less product for 30-something women in particular to choose from.”

The end result of this is that women have little choice but to be more realistic about their marriage prospects and start listening to what men want or more particularly, what men don’t want. Men don’t want to marry over-the-hill cougars whom have seen more dick ends than weekends. Men don’t want to marry single moms. Men don’t want to marry fatties and so on. Currently, women have the notion that they set the standards for what men should want and any man why disagrees is a misogynist. Pretty obviously, men are betting sick of that and are choosing to be single rather than marry women whom are beneath them.

Are women getting too choosy? I’d say yes,” said the reverend Father Tony Kerin, Episcopal Vicar for Justice and Social Service for the Archdiocese in Melbourne.”

And that has always been a large part of the problem. If women set their standards so high that only a small percentage of men can meet them, then it stands to reason that many women are going to miss out.  Keeping in mind that the small percentage of men that all women want are going to be swimming in pussy, they can afford to be discerning and thus, this only adds to the problem.

Gone are the days when women married for security and for someone to take care of them. Women these days stand on their own two feet and don’t feel they have to settle for someone who isn’t up to par.”

I disagree with the first part of this quote; women marry as much for security now as they ever have. No-fault divorce (read his-fault) divorce gives women great security in life and let’s face it; how many self-made women do you know? However, if women want to believe the second part of this quote good for them. Personally, pretty much every “strong” and “independent” woman I have ever met owes her status to men propping her up – but that is a subject for another post. For whatever reason, women do tend to think their illusory independence means they are entitled to prince charming and all other men can suit themselves. The bad news for women is that two can play at that game. With the advent of game/ the red pill on one hand and MGTOW on the other, men have options too. No longer do we men have to settle for women whom are unworthy of marriage – which is most of them. Modern men have at their disposal the tools to either use women as they see fit or they can simply ignore women altogether.

But the flipside is that if you set the bar too high, you’ll be disappointed.”

Which is pretty much true of anything in life and for that reason alone, most people tend to have realistic standards when they approach pretty much anything. Women seem oblivious to this notion when entering the dating sphere and wonder why they end up disappointed.

It has been shown time and again that there is no “man drought”. There is only a surplus of self-centred women whom have no idea what men want in a relationship and don’t really care. If women were serious about finding husbands, they would drop their career-first and cock-carouselling lifestyles, learn domestic skills and marry whilst in their twenties. Men DON’T want to marry former sluts whom have slept with more men than they have had hot dinners. Men DON’T want to marry women whom are in their late thirties and forties. Men DON’T want to marry women who view domestic incompetence as something to be proud of. In short, men want to marry women who value traditional feminine values and will happily reject women who don’t. This is the real reason why so many women can’t find men.

“You Should Marry a Single Mom”

I have had the above statement put to me by any number of well-meaning (I think) women over my adult life; more so as I get older and most women in my demographic are single moms. If women in general wish to believe that single moms are worthy of marriage, that is their business. If women wish to believe that single men have some sort of obligation to marry and provide for single moms that is also their business. However, I take great offence whenever some female comes straight out and states that I – as a single man with a great life that I don’t want to change – needs to give up all I have worked hard for over the years just to provide for  a woman who was unable to make intelligent life decisions. And let’s not beat around the bush, women whom are single moms are usually so by their own hands; either they fucked around when they were single, they left a good husband, they conceived with a man who had no interest in children or they were so unbearable as partners that their man decided he would rather live elsewhere. In stating that a man should marry a single mom, women are stating effectively stating that men have some kind of sacred duty to provide for the worst women in society (which they don’t) and that whichever men they are talking to probably can’t do any better. I have news for any woman who believes that – being single and carefree is still doing much better than settling for a single mom.

My personal view on the matter – if you haven’t already gleaned it from reading this blog – is that single moms are the lowest of the low and that men should treat them as fuck toys and nothing more. When confronted with the statement - always from a woman, never from a man – that I should be marrying a single woman, my reply is always one of derision. Why should I marry a woman whom is beneath me and will add nothing to my life? Why should I marry a woman whom will be nothing but a drain on me and my resources? Why should I lower my standards in women just because women have lowered theirs? The end result of this response is inevitable indignation on the part of the woman whom asked me the original question along with the inevitable accusation of misogynism. Having standards does not make a man a misogynist; it makes a man discerning. By the same token, women who choose to be single moms lose any right to expect that society will provide a man for them. Once women at large get this through their thick heads, they might just stop making the idiotic decisions that lead to them becoming single moms on the first place.

Would You be Offended if Your Wife Admitted That She Settled for You?

This is a good question that most men need to think about. Given that women are attracted to a very small percentage of men (probably less than 10% depending upon what research you read) and that many more men than that actually get married, it is very likely that there is a huge number of men in society whom are not their wives’ ideal man. Keep in mind that when a man marries a woman he is expected to love her and devote his life to her exclusively; any man who was known to marry a woman for less would become a social pariah in quick order. Women, on the other hand, are free to marry men they are not devoted to as a result of not being able to attract her prince charming. Women are free to leave a man they settle for just as soon as something better comes over the horizon. Not only that, women are legally encouraged to do so; forget whatever bullshit you have read about no-fault divorce allowing women to escape violent marriages – no fault divorce allows women to trade in one man for another as simply as a possible with all the benefits (for her).

Anyway, back to the initial question – would you be offended if your wife admitted that she settled for you?. This very question is discussed over at reddit by a post with the same name……

Most of the comments tend to suggest that most men would indeed be offended in the above circumstances and who could blame them? The vast majority of married men I know love their wives deeply and wish to spend their entire lives with them. I am sure many of these men do not see their respective wives as being the hottest women on the planet but they love them nonetheless. How must it feel for these men to discover that their wives only married them because they couldn’t do any better? That’s tantamount  to a wife saying to her loving husband that she would rather be married to someone else. If a woman wanted to hurt her husband – whom she pledged on the altar to love for life – I can’t think of a more hurtful she could say. Somehow, I don’t think that would stop most modern women.

This is What Women Think of Most Men…

For any of you who haven’t worked it out, pretty much all women have a very poor view of any man who isn’t “alpha” – which works out to be about 90% of men. This helps explain why on one hand, women bitch about the fictitious “Man Drought” yet at the same time there are huge numbers of single men in society. The advert in the following link really does a great job of reinforcing the point…..

One of the commenters on the vid posted the following which is just gold….

This is just further proof that women despise beta males. If you want a girlfriend, you have to learn game. Even plain janes and butterfaces feel entitled to a slick-talking alpha male. Just look at all these single moms running around. They’d rather be living in poverty with an absent alpha’s kid than form a stable loving family with some boring lickspittle IT worker or accountant.”

Pretty much says it all.

This Man Handles His Wife’s Infidelity The Right Way

Here is yet another example of a woman cheating behind her hubby’s back…..

No doubt turned on by the attentions of an “alpha” male, Melissa Peacock forgot her marital vows to her husband, Heath to get with Congressman, Vance McAllister. Whomever said women don’t think with their vaginas?

The ill-treated Mr Peacock blames the congressman for wrecking his marriage but this is only half true. As a commenter to the article points out, Peacock’s wife is equally to blame. The old motor applies…..

it takes two to tango

Blaming only the other man – in this case, the congressman – effectively absolves the adulterous wife of any wrongdoing when she is at least half of the problem. After all, Peacock’s wife has cheated on his and needs to carry the blame for that. Many men tend to blame the other man when their wives cheat without realising this fact. Also, it is quite possible in the Peacock’s case – amongst others – that the wife initiated the affair. We all know how much women love to climb onto alpha cocks, don’t we?

stop only blaming the other guy if your wife cheats on you, because she is equally guilty; stop absolving her of blame, because both adulterers are at fault when it happens.”

I know plenty of men who – as a function of absolution – have taken their adulterous wives back after their affairs. If you ever want to lose the respect of a woman and women in general, letting them know you will take them back after they hurt you in the worst way is a pretty good means to achieve it. Fortunately, it appears the good Mr Peacock is giving his missus the boot…..

We’re headed for divorce.”

Given the bullshit divorce laws in the USA, Mr Peacock is going to get himself ass-raped in the settlement which are always women-friendly; despite the fact that his wife is in the wrong and Mr Peacock is the innocent party. I suspect this is why so many women are unfaithful – it is a no lose situation all round. Given this, I have the greatest respect for Mr Peacock standing up for himself and I wish him all the best in the future. After all, it is not his fault he married a woman who turned out to be little better than a whore.

Some Women Want to Have It Both Ways…..

I’m not talking about double-penetrations either in case you have a dirty mind.

Have a look at the following link to reddit/mensrights…..

Essentially, because a couple of airhead females don’t feel comfortable using the weights area at their gym while there are men present, they expect the gym to take action to male them happy. To make matters worse, the gym management is considering having female-only hours to cater for these sort of bimbos. I have a problem with this whole situation on a number of levels….

a) the gym is obviously co-ed. The women would have known that when they joined up. If they had a problem with men being in the gym at the same time as them, why the fuck did they join a co-ed gym.

b) following on from the above point, the women could have Just as easily joined a female-only gym (such as curves). If they had of done that, problem solved as there would have been no problem in the first place.

c) men don’t have any option but to use co-ed gyms. Male-only establishments of any variety are barred by law. This being the case, the only option for men is not to go to the gym in the first place.

d) should the gym introduce female-only hours – effectively reducing the privileges that male members pay for – will they reduce the membership fees for males? I strongly fucking doubt it.

e) related to the above point, should the gym introduce female-only hours, will these hours be at the convenience of men or women? For example, at the gym I go to, the most popular times are between 5:30pm and 7:30pm weekdays. Assuming the same applies to the gym in question, will the female-only hours be booked to avoid this or will the men be expected to change their gym timetables to accommodate the whim of women?

f) will there be any democratic process involved. If there are a large number of women with the same complaint and only a few men who use the weights room (bloody unlikely given experience and the description in the link), there might be a case. However, if there is a large number of men who stand to be inconvenienced to appease the whims of a pair of women then the whole issue should die there and then.

The management of the gym needs to take a good hard look at the whole situation before they make any decisions they later regret. A local gym that I used to belong to make a similar decision to effectively discriminate against its male members in the hope of appeasing a small female minority. The end result was a loss of male members who happily moved to other gyms throughout the region whose management was smart enough not to discriminate against the majority of their memberships. To make matters worse for the offending gym in my area, the loss of male members (which was pretty fucking substantial) was in no way compensated by an increase in new female members. Logically, prospective female members preferred to either go to a fully female-only gym if they were that way inclined or they preferred to be in a co-ed environment. Basically, this proved to be a complete loss for the gym in question all around. I have heard that the female-only hours policy has since been reversed but I couldn’t give two shits; I am happy at the gym I relocated to and have no intention of going back.

The moral of the story is that being female friendly is one thing but being antagonistic towards males is another. Every decision we make in life has consequences.

Thoughts on Men’s (Lack of) Respect for Women

It should come as no great surprise that modern women experience a widespread lack of respect from the male gender. This has been documented in many and varied forms from the writings of feminist newspaper columnists to the proclamations of Barack Obama, the president of the USA. Basically, I agree – women do suffer from a general lack of respect from the male gender. Where I disagree with many pundits is in two main points: firstly, that  women are not automatically entitled to respect from men just because they are women and secondly, the overwhelming majority of men are not misogynistic sociopaths to whom disrespecting women comes naturally.

One of the common threads from left-wing elements is that men should respect women basically because they are women. Whilst that is good and well in theory, the reality is that no one expects women to respect men just because they are men. The lack of respect most women have for men is quite obvious. Male-bashing is a common enough theme is the popular media and who hasn’t had to put up with some misandric feminist ranting on about all the men whom she has fucked with that she hates? Gentle hint: if you want people to respect you, try treating them with respect first. Better yet, treat others as you would have them respect you. Most women seem oblivious to this but how they treat others has a lot to do with how others will treat them. The other issue – related to the above – which women at large are equally oblivious to that most men seem to understand instinctively is that respect has to be earned. No-one is going to respect you because you are white or black, tall or short, male or female or whatever. People respect you when and only when you demonstrate to them that you are worthy of respect. I have never heard a man complain about this; men who want respect get off their asses and give those around them something to respect. Women never do this, preferring to sit around and whine how unfair the world is and how misogynistic men are because they aren’t automatically respected because they are women. Most women seem to think they are entitled to automatic respect because they are somehow special. I have news for any woman whom is actually self-deluded enough to believe this – whilst the major difference between men and women is that women have vaginas, this of itself does not make a woman special. There is nothing special about having a vagina. There is nothing inferior about having a vagina either and let us be clear on that point. However, in the same way that no man expects women or society at large to respect him because he has a penis, it is ludicrous for a woman to respect her because she has a vagina. If women want men to respect them, they need to earn it and therein lies the problem – few women in the modern era make any effort to earn the respect of men. I intend to come back to this point later.

A thought that came to me recently is that I suspect that few men enjoy living in a world full of women they have little reason to respect.Traditionally, women crafted their general presentation to the world in such a way as to earn the respect of men and to prove they had a valid function in society – this tended to be enforced by parents (ie mothers AND fathers) and was a general social expectation. That women of years gone were expected to have domestic and parenting skills was a great example of this. That women were expected to be highly chaste – often to the point of being virgins at marriage – another. Such refinements in the female gender gave men many reasons to respect women in days gone and women were respected indeed. Since the advent of feminism, women have become a whole new breed. Modern women commonly have little or no domestic skills. Sluthood is the preferred means of sexual expression for most modern women. Most modern women have no concept of commitment to marriage and are all too pleased to abandon a good man as soon as something – in their eyes – better comes along; not to mention that pretty much all women feel entitled to rob their husbands blind in divorce proceedings and ruin their ex-husband’s reputations with bogus allegations of domestic and child abuse. Modern women commonly have no concept or value of parenthood, choosing to raise their children without a father which is known to have disastrous effects on a child’s long-term wellbeing. In terms of sexual equality, modern practice hypocrisy at every turn: women’s only spaces abound whereas men’s only spaces are practically outlawed. Modern women expect to have affirmative action policies in the workplace to help them get jobs they otherwise would be unqualified for ahead of better qualified men. Modern women expect not to be legally punished for the same crimes that would see a man imprisoned for lengthy periods. Modern women expect to be able to be violent towards men yet expect that men should not be able to be able to defend themselves. Modern women expect to be able to be crass and revolting yet still have men treat them like ladies. The list goes on and on. Put simply, modern women are hypocrites and if there is one thing that will cause someone to lose respect for you, it is being a hypocrite. Men are expected to practice what they preach lest they be socially ostracised. Modern women expect to be able to say one thing and do another and have everyone applaud them and then wonder why men won’t have a bar of them.

If I had the option – which I don’t and probably never will – I would much prefer to live in a society of women who saw respect as privilege to be earned and whom actually gave a fuck what men thought of them. Were this to ever be the case, I would have no problem respecting the women in said society. I will go out on a limb here and suggest that most other men would be in the same boat. Personally, I dislike having to forgo marriage due to a complete lack of marriage-worthy women. I dislike not having children due a complete lack of women with mothering skills. I dislike not having female friends because most women are straight out cunty at the best of times. I could go on but ask any man you know (whom is not a mangina) and I’ll bet he agrees with most of what I have written. Men and women are naturally designed to be together in mutually respectful and complimentary relationships and society works best when this actually happens. Since the advent of feminism, any hint of mutual respect has gone out the window and women have brought the results of that on themselves.

The next time you hear some idiotic feminist rant on about the need to teach boys and men to respect women feel free to point out to her that there is an equal (if not greater) need to teach girls and women to earn the respect of the male gender in the first place.

Home Wreckers Should Be Named and Shamed

I was reading an article in a national newspaper on the life and times of the late (and great) Peter Brock as told from the perspective of his long-suffering wife, Bev. One of the issues in the story was the tendency for women to shamelessly throw themselves at her husband in the most inappropriate ways in the most inappropriate situations. Given that Brock was the eternal king of Australian motorsport, his status as an alpha male was unquestioned. Given this it is hardly surprising that most women wanted to be with him. What is surprising (or maybe not) is the lengths many women would go to in order to be with him. Bev Brock spoke of women elbowing her aside when she was in public with her husband. There was the reported incident of a woman trying to trap Brock in a toilet with her at Bathurst and so on. The facts are that men know the limits of pursuing others’ partners and don’t cross the line – if men breach said line, the public and social shaming is quick to arrive. On the other hand, women are given full social approval to wreck the marriages of others and their own all in the name of satisfying their own hypergamous urges. The very last people you will hear complain about women wrecking marriages are other women, most of whom see abandoning one man and stealing a man committed to another woman as fair game. If anything, most women will call anyone who criticises women for hypergamy as being a misogynist. A great example of this occurred in my social sphere as of late; a friend of mine – let’s call him John – discovered his wife had left him for another man she met on FaceBook. Never mind the timing was pathetic; just two days earlier, John had gotten off the operating table from life-saving cancer surgery – is that a caring, empathic wife or wot? Also never mind that the ex-wife was so keen to be with her new man she abandoned her only child and had no contact with said child for months afterwards. Justifiably, John and every male around him has a pretty dim view of John’s ex and her actions. Not surprisingly (sadly), most women who know of the whole affair make any and every excuse under the sun for the bitch ex-wife. Not only that, in the midst of a conversation on the topic, I heard one women call a man a misogynist for even to dare suggesting that the ex-wife had treated John pretty poorly. Just goes to show, women are fucking hypocrites when it comes to just about anything.

I propose that women who leave men without good reason or women who break up another woman’s marriage should be publicly named and shamed. There needs be an internet registry (with pictures) of these whores for the world to see. Home wreckers need to be treated as second-class citizens, denied things such as the right to vote, the right to hold a driver’s licence or passport as well as automatic loss of custody of their children. As is stands now, women are free to create misery at every turn with no consequence to themselves; why would they ever do any different? No-one ever holds women responsible for the results of their actions and it’s about fucking time we started.

Reflections on the “Ban Bossy” Campaign

I am currently watching a vid on YouTube of Jim Jefferies and Joe Rogan discussing the realities of the “Ban Bossy” campaign. I have linked to this below…….

There are a lot of nuggets in here. Take for example……

Most bossy women I know can’t get jobs.”

Damn right. Domineering shitheads of either gender need to learn some fucking manners before they get into the workplace.

Have a look at the vid and get an idea of what most men (ie sensible humans) actually think of the BB campaign.

The Stupidity Behind the “Ban Bossy” Campaign

Much has been said about the campaign started by Sheryl Sandberg to ban the term, “Bossy”; or at least to ban it being applied to females. Given the tendency for feminists to get on board with pointless and poorly thought out ideas, it should come as no surprise that the Ban Bossy (for women) campaign has gotten a fair bit of promotion via the femisphere. The basis of “Ban Bossy” is trying to ban the use of the word “bossy” to describe women who enjoy pushing others around in the workplace. Apparently, female sensibilities are so delicate that the merest criticism of their leadership style is likely to dissuade them from being leaders in the future. Please – are we fucking serious here? We men get criticised for being overbearing all the time and we never bat an eyelid; what man hasn’t been told to “Pull your fuckin’ head in!” at least once in their lifetime? Do you see men using this as an excuse to drop out of the rat-race? Fuck no – a man takes this in his stride and keeps on charging. Anyone who can’t handle criticism has no place in modern society and anyone in management who can’t handle criticism needs to step aside and let someone who can do the job properly. “Ban Bossy” is nothing more than an excuse to give women an easy ride to the top with zero accountability. Let’s face it, since when have women ever been about working hard for what they want?

The one thing no feminist (and probably no woman either) would consider is that a lot of women are bossy and like being in charge purely as an excuse to push people around. Of course, no woman would ever see this as being bossy, she would see this as being “strong” and “assertive”. Semantics aside, ordering people around because you can is being bossy and no amount of politically correct bullshit is ever going to change this. As I covered in the article in the below link…….

…few women have any idea how to conduct themselves in leadership roles. Most women in leadership have the approach of using aggression and threats to try to cower their subordinates into getting work do and then wonder why everyone under them hates their guts (hint: no one calls a supervisor they like “bossy”). I have met no end of women who get off on the power trip of being able to dish out commands like they are the Ten Commandments and the bullying anyone who doesn’t cater to their every whim. Do you think that kind of management produces results? If you do, you’re an idiot. Women with this kind of toxic leadership philosophy are the very ones that get labelled as “bossy”. If these women (and any other proponents of the “Ban Bossy” campaign) had any sense whatsoever, they would see that being labelled as bossy is a sign that they don’t have great leadership styles and that they (and not others around them) need to change. However, given that most women are completely solipsistic, this is never going to happen.

The truly idiotic thing is that the same leadership style which women expect to be celebrated for is exactly the same leadership style that women wouldn’t tolerate from men. Who would want to work for a man who was a bully who liked to throw his weight around? No one I know yet women expect to be able to do it to everyone else and they expect not to be criticised for it. The logic completely escapes me. Basically, the “Ban Bossy” campaign is nothing more than an excuse for women to justify the very gender-specific behaviours (by and large) that make them unsuitable for management. Newflash: being bossy does NOT make a woman strong, empowered or assertive. Rather it makes them domineering, aggressive and highly ineffective. Men around the world need to not only oppose the “Ban Bossy” campaign, they need to step up and label women as bossy when they see it. Men are expected not to use authority to push others around. It’s high about time women were held to the same standard.

I came across the following link on the “Ban Bossy” campaign. Feel free to have a look at what a more level-headed pundit thinks about the whole matter…..