Finally – A Family Court Judge with Common Sense and Fairness

For far too long, women have used his fault divorce no fault divorce to not only fleece their husbands of assets but to continue to earn a living off their former spouses even well after the marriage ended. For a woman who leaves a perfectly good marriage to a man who has treated her well (which is the case in most divorces) to have the right to at least half his assets is deplorable. For a woman to be able to collect an ongoing income from her ex-husband in the form of alimony is nothing short of cruel and inhuman. The apparent justification for alimony has been the wife is entitled to maintain the lifestyle she has become accustomed to. Says fucking who? The wife’s entitlement to the “lifestyle she has become accustomed to” should end at the same time as the marriage. If I work for a company who pay me a wage that allows me to maintain a certain quality of life, then my entitlement to said wage and quality of life is contingent on me being part of that company. Should I leave the company (either voluntarily or not), my entitlements from that company end immediately. It is then up to me to make do for myself in the future as the company has no other obligations towards me. This makes sense to most people yet for some reason, women seem to feel that their ex-husbands are obligated to take care of them forever.

It seems that long-overdue change may finally be on the horizon. Take a look at the following link……

About fucking time, too. The silly bitch in this story got an outrageous settlement and then has the temerity to expect the ex-hubby to support her for the rest of her life. The judge saw it quite differently…..

‘”The world of work has innumerable possibilities these day…vast numbers of women with children just get on with it and Mrs Wright should have done as well,” the judge said. ‘


‘The judge criticised her for being “evasive on the subject of her own earning capacity“. ‘

In other words, the judge agreed – in this case at least – that alimony is a racket and the ex-husband is being abused as a result.

‘Mrs Wright has made no effort whatsoever to seek work or to update her skills…I am satisfied that she has worked on the basis…that she would be supported for life.

‘”It is essential… that she starts to work now,” said the judge’

Not only that, but the judge did not accept any of the whiny excuses the ex-wife put up for not making any effort to support herself…….

‘”Judge Roberts did not accept any of the explanations put forward by the wife for her inactivity and ruled that it was important that she obey the order.

“She had harsh words for the wife for her complete failure to confront her obligation to contribute financially. She found the wife exaggerated her income needs.’

As one might expect, when the ex-husband presents as an honest person and the ex-wife does not, the Judge is not going to be too kind to the ex-wife…….

‘Mr Wright had been found to be “a man of integrity who had done nothing to mislead the court”.

“But the judge found the wife was an unsatisfactory witness; particularly on the subject of her own earning capacity she was evasive”, he added’

Put simply, the wife either misled or outright lied during the initial settlement for her own gain. One wonders whether there might be legal proceedings against her in the future. Perhaps the ex-husband could sue her for obtaining assets from him under false pretences? Either way, one quote near the end of the article is telling…..

‘Lord Justice Pitchford said that “the order was never intended to provide the wife with an income for life“.’

Now that is interesting. If we must have alimony – and it should be avoided as a last option – it should be limited to a realistic time period. A man whose marriage falls apart should not have to support his wife forever. We live in an era where women face no barriers to finding work. One could even argue that with family friendly and affirmative action policies in place, women find it more easy than men to find work.

I never thought I would see the day when common sense and decency would take place in the family court but here it is. I can only hope this becomes a precedent and more and more men seek to reverse unfair divorce settlement and alimony rulings.

 Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all.


Adria Richards has Fucked Herself Royally

I always wondered – albeit with a degree of malice – what ever happened to Adria Richards. In case you need your memory refreshed, Richards was the idiot tech-chick who made a big noise about a nothing comment from two men sitting in the row behind her. The comment made by the med was not about Richards and nor was it directed to Richards; in short Richards stuck her nose in where it wasn’t wanted and shamed the two men on Twitter. As a result of this, one of the men lost his job – only to be re-hired elsewhere shortly afterwards. The whole incident became known as ‘Donglegate’. At any rate, this does not answer the initial question; what happened to Adria Richards as a result of the Donglegate affair? It is well know that her employer at the time, SendGrid, fired Richards for the way she handled the whole matter. In the very words of SendGrid management……..

What we do not support was how she (Richards) reported the conduct. Her decision to tweet the comments and photographs of the people who made the comments crossed the line. Publicly shaming the offenders – and bystanders – was not the appropriate way to handle the situation.”

In other words, SendGrid were smart enough to know that a woman who could handle a simple solution so badly was a public relations time-bomb just waiting to go off. The thing you can never get through the heads of idiots like Richards is that no matter how brilliant you might be at your work (and I am not saying that Richards was), your employer is entitled to judge you on your personal attributes as they may impact on your work, your co-workers and the company at large. Keeping in mind that Richards job at SendGrid was “Developer Relations”, she obviously had no concept of how to do that. No wonder SendGrid booted her. In the second link above, Richards that not only has she not been able to find another job (big surprise) but her life is changed forever…….

The death threats and rape threats and racist insults continued even after she was fired“.

Richards should have thought of that before she tried to fuck up someone’s like for her own amusement. Personally, I would have thought this whole episode would have been a great opportunity for Richards to do a little introspection into how her actions and decisions influenced her outcomes. Sadly this sis not happen……..

Adria replied that she was happy to hear that Hank “wasn’t active in driving their interests to mount the raid attack”, but that she held him responsible for it anyway. It was “his own actions that resulted in his own firing, yet he framed it in a way to blame me… If I had a spouse and two kids to support, I certainly would not be telling ‘jokes’ like he was doing at a conference. Oh, but wait, I have compassion, empathy, morals and ethics to guide my daily life choices. I often wonder how people like Hank make it through life seemingly unaware of how ‘the other’ lives in the same world he does, but with countless fewer opportunities.”

Just where the fuck do I start with this one? Firstly, Richards claims Hank’s action resulted in her firing. Dead fucking wrong; Richards’ decision to shame the man online is what led to his firing. Had she had the good sense to simply turn around and tell the guys their behaviour was inappropriate, that would have been the end of it. Richards could have taken the photo of the two men to the conference organisers and let them take it from there. Ultimately, it was Richards’ nastiness that cost a (presumably talented) male developer his job.

Richards claims if she had a spouse and two kids, she would not be telling jokes at a conference. Firstly, it is unlikely that any man would ever want to marry and impregnate a total cunt like Richards so that scenario becomes academic. Aside from that, who doesn’t tell the odd joke and I don’t care what anyone says, the “dongle” joke was on the very low side of being offensive. Is it the fault of the world that Richards and seemingly innumerable cunts like her have no sense of humour?

Richards claims to have “compassion, empathy, morals and ethics to guide my daily life choices“. You’re fucking kidding, right? You can make a mountain out of a molehill for your own amusement and you have the gall to criticise someone else’s compassion, empathy, morals and ethics? Let it not be said that Adria Richards is capable of great insight because clearly she is not.

Looking back over the comments of both Hank and Richards, I am struck by how much empathy Hank has for Richards and how little empathy Richards has for Hank. Let that be a life lesson for any man dealing with women.

Ultimately, it is Adria Richards who has gotten the worst fucking from the actions of Adria Richards. Do I care? No fucking way; fuck the bitch. Whilst I hope no actual harm ever comes to Richards, I will be quite pleased is she remains perpetually unemployed and spends the rest of her life living in fear of reprisals from the Donglegate she initiated.

Once Again a Woman Proves That Women are Clueless About Men

As if the world needs any more convincing that when it comes to men, women are generally idiots, we have this article. You could be forgiven for thinking that will all the blogs, articles and post comments on the net, women would eventually get the idea through their fucking dense heads that the disaster that is the modern dating scene is not wholly the fault of men. But no, the dippy chick who wrote the article remains about as clueless as more women when it comes to the male gender (and sadly, that is very clueless). The whole article is one great misogynistic man-bashing exercise that aims to deflect all possible fault away from women for problems they have largely caused. Who said women weren’t solipsistic?

Ladies, it’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: They just don’t make ‘em like they used to.”

That certainly applies to women. In days of old, do you think women were hypergamous sluts who jumped from one bad-boy cock to another? Do you think in years gone by women were raised by single moms to have zero domestic skills, personality or any other redeeming values that made them completely unsuitable as wives? No fucking way they were. In my grandpa’s day, when a man sacrificed his singlehood to marry, the woman he married was raised from birth to be a blessing to his existence. By contrast, modern women are the stuff of nightmares. I agree with the author in this one; they certainly don’t make them like they used to.

There’s no door-holding, no hand-holding and definitely no free drinks. There’s no taking off hats or courting through invitations. There are no smooth moves, no jackets to dinner. There are no flowers, no tables by candlelight. But, most importantly, there are no dates.”

That’s because all the above is the province of chivalry and chivalry is a level of courtesy men display towards ladies. Ignoring the fact that chivalry is benevolent sexism (and also the fact that modern women claim to oppose feminism), the fact that few women in the modern era are ladies pretty much makes chivalry obsolete. Let’s face it, feminism promised endless promiscuity for women and most women have taken to promiscuity like ducks to water. Did any of these sluts ever bother to think that no man is going to put any more effort into getting a chick to fuck than he has too? Apart from that, no man wants to be the loser that waits six months to bang the woman whom other guys have banged on the first date. The reason chivalry was the done thing in generations gone is that women were smart enough to set the price of sex very high; if a man didn’t do these courteous things, he had no hope of getting laid. Modern women set the price of sex so low that pretty much any guy with game can bang any chick without trying too hard. Think on that one, dizzy bitches.

You’re not going on any dates or being courted in any type of manner because, unfortunately, men these days are cowards.”

That is nothing short of female solipsism at its worst. If men are such cowards, why do men have no problem signing up (often voluntarily) to the military in times of war? By contrast, why have women always opposed conscription for females in times of war? Obviously women are the cowards. However, if calling men cowards is what makes women feel better about themselves then that is what they will do.

We’re dealing with a new breed of men here and it’s not the kind we grew up dreaming about.”

I agree. Men are no longer weak, supplicants just dying to keep women on the pedestals they build for themselves. Increasing numbers of men have taken the Red Pill and are laying their own path for themselves and women be damned. On one hand, we have the PUA who treat modern women with all the respect they deserve (none) and develop tactics to fuck-and-chuck as many of these modern, entitled sluts as they can. On the other hand, we have the MGTOW men who avoid women and troubles they bring like the plague and quietly chuckle as one more bitch slams into the wall. None of these men are what women truly want but just remember, feminism and the modern female killed the gentleman.

Because they (men) don’t know what they want, they end up chasing nothing. It’s the dilemma of the overcrowded buffet. There are too many options so they choose an empty plate… or something they don’t even like to begin with.”

Are you fucking serious? All men know what they want from a women; men want a woman who will make a good wife. The problem comes when men realise that women like that don’t exist anymore because feminism killed them off. Men have simply evolved to make the best out of bad options; it’s not like we necessarily like the status quo but we are stuck with it. There are certainly not “too many options” for men; it’s either one slutty bitch or the next one; how does that amount to “too many options”? Given the limited shitty options for men chasing women, men often do end up with “something the don’t even like to begin with”. Did men ask women to devolve into a subspecies barely worthy of male attention? No we fucking did not; women did that all by themselves. Don’t blame men for your own stupidity.

And of course, the authoress then brings out the big guns….

They’re scared of you“.


Men are shy, timid and scared sh*tless of any woman with half a brain“.

Oh, fuck you and the horse you rode in on. I thought that furphy had been demolished years ago. Men are not afraid of strong women; men love strong women. Prior to the feminist disaster, men were surrounded by strong women who raised families and kept households in order because that is what strong women do. Unfortunately, modern women have no idea what a strong women is; to them a woman is “strong” if she is bitchy, over-opinionated and aggressive. In reality, a woman whom is bitchy, over-opinionated and aggressive is not strong, she is merely bitchy, over-opinionated and aggressive. Not only that, but she will be a major turn-off for any man with even a shred of masculinity. Of course, the solipsism of the modern female will  not let her see this so she has to blame men for her own shortcomings.

In the society in which we live today, with Gigi Hadid and Miranda Kerr’s Instagrams readily accessible, women have got a lot to compete with. Fortunately, we’re competing with women these men will never have a shot with. Unfortunately, these men don’t seem to know this.”

Are you serious? Do you mean to say that you believe that men walk around thinking they have a shot with supermodels? How retarded are you (redundant question; you’re a woman – of course you’re retarded)? Most men spend most of their lives being rejected by average women who think they are God’s gift to men. How could they possible think they would have a chance with the likes of Miranda Kerr?

We can dream about Channing Tatum and Chris Pine all we want, but at least women are rational enough to understand that’s just not gonna happen. So we settle for the options we’ve been given and learn to work with what we have.”

Christ, that is fucking rich. The world is full of women whose dating site profile insist they only be contacted by good-looking, muscular men over six feet who earn six figure incomes. More commonly, these women have looks that would turn off a blind man apart from having nothing else to offer. All this and you think men are unrealistic? How lacking in insight is this dense cunt?

To add insult to the few dates you have yet to be asked on, men are also getting married less than ever before. According to a study by Pew Research Center, only 26 percent of Generation-Y is married.

Compared to the 48 percent of our parents at this age, there’s no denying that men just don’t have their sh*t together.”

Again, obviously it is men’s fault the poor dears can’t find a sucker man to marry. I’m not saying men are perfect, but you might want to have a look in your own backyard before you start pointing out the faults in everyone else’s.

In conclusion……

We’re dating less and thus, marrying less. And the downfall picks up speed with every failed attempt to ask a woman out.”

Hmmmmmm……..I think I need to edit that……..

We’re dating less and thus, marrying less. And the downfall picks up speed with every unworthy woman men meet.

FTFY – Do the world a favour, you dumb bitch; pull your head out of your ass and smell the coffee.

He Turned the Tables on an Inferior Woman

All too often, men are faced with women whom think they are God’s gift to men when in fact they have absolutely zero to offer. Whilst these women think nothing of dismissing men whom they deem to be not good enough for them, it never occurs to said women that they may not be good enough for any man. Occasionally, I come across a story of a man dismissing an inferior woman and it always makes a good read. The latest episode can be found here. Because of the brevity of the link, I’ll post it in its entirety below……..

A couple of days ago I matched with a girl on tinder, hairdresser – I honestly can’t stand hairdressers and their vapid lives/conversations however her pics looked good, added her on FB and she had some pics from a bikini comp, albeit a couple of years old where she looked pretty damn good.

Fast forward to tonight (valentines day) and we meet at a local bar. Straight away I could she had gained a good 10-15kg since her competition days and she was a six at best. However we got a drink and I picked a seat right in front of a tv (cricket was on)

She hit me with a shit test straight away – “what car do you drive ?” At this point I was seething at her deceptive pics so I just said “A 1989 commodore” ( I actually drive a car worth 50k new ) Then said I’m leaving, you are not what I want, I’m out of your league, have a good night, and walked straight out.

Felt fucking good. Not sure if this is TRP worthy but just felt like sharing my experience.”

This was indeed TRP worthy, good friend. Not only did this deceptive cunt have the gall to use photos of herself that she knew were outdated, but she had the sheer temerity to shit test a man she should have known was too good for her. This prime example of a Red Pill man has shown the rest of us how it should be done. If more men did this, the world would be a better place.

ROK – “It Doesn’t Matter What Women Think Of You”

One of the biggest mistakes most men make is placing a huge amount of stock in what women think of them. This is often part of a larger problem that most men have in placing too much stock in what women think about anything but that is a topic for a whole different article. For this article, I am concerned (and not to mention mystified) as to why large numbers of men place so much value in women’s opinions of them. For me, a major component of me having the slightest regard for anyone’s opinion on anything is whether they are in a good position to judge or not. If someone whom I know for a fact knows fuck-all about cars wants to tell me my car is a POS then he or she can fuck off. If, on the other hand, someone I judge to be a good judge of cars tells me my car is a POS, I will give some consideration to his opinion. I may not agree with him but I will get his opinion some weight because he knows what he is fucking talking about. I have come to the same conclusion with women’s opinions of men in general and myself in particular. This concept is discussed in detail in this article over at ROK. Within this article is this nice summary of women’s attitudes towards men……

Women’s opinions of you are completely meaningless. As mentioned, the only thing that interests them is your utility, measured by the frequency and intensity of vaginal tingles when they see or think about you (or, if you’re a beta male, measured by the amount of money in your bank account).”

And we all know this is true. Women avoid beta men whom actually make the world run in favour of dirtbags who make their cunts moist. Failing that, most women will happily settle for a beta man with bux while fucking bad bays on the side. Given this, why the fuck would any man  care what women think of them? The answer lies in our collective upbringing which basically tells men to respect what women think and say largely because they are women. Needless to say, this has probably never helped any man born and most likely has psychologically and emotionally fucked huge numbers of the male gender over the course of history. In the modern era, men have the internet-based Red Pill to teach them how the world actually works however, the internet is still a relatively new phenomena. Back in my day – about thirty years ago – there was no Red Pill to counter balance the misandric effects of the typical upbringing most young men suffered at the time. As a result, I and many young men like me suffered endlessly with the knowledge that women didn’t want to be with us. Not knowing any better, I blamed myself and spent endless hours mired in pits of depression and self-hate. Looking back, the amount of time I wasted when I could have been out doing something useful with myself seems enormous (and probably was). And why did this happen? It happened because I had been brought up to believe that women were infallible judges of male worth and that if women didn’t like me, then I was indeed a worthless loser. Given that women collectively favour a small percentage of the male gender and ignore the rest, is it any wonder that the male suicide rate is so high? To me, this is the true mission of the Red Pill; to reach out to men suffering due to their blue pill upbringing and help them open their eyes to the truth and live a better life for it.

The first step in a man taking control of his life is taking control of his self-image. Knocking women off their pedestals is a great place to start.

Proof Women are Delusional

Most modern men are well and truly aware of just how clueless and removed from reality most women are when it comes to their expectations regarding men. In particular, most women are especially delusional when it comes to the kind of man they are likely to attract. There seems to be no end of women whom despite having little or nothing to offer men, seem to think they are entitled to the top echelon of man that all woman want. Now there is a reddit exposing women like this………

If you want a really good laugh, I suggest you look at some of the posts over there. Just for amusement, I have cut-and-pasted a selection of posts from ChoosingBeggars below……


Talk about hypocritical; this dumb bitch expects a man to accept that she is a fat pig but comes out and says she is “not attracted to overweight people”. Obviously, she has not heard that men are attracted to slim (read “normal sized”) women. A guy like Bastian Schweinsteiger is not going to give this whale the time of day yet this is what she expects. No wonder she is 28 and still single.


WHOA!!!!! I didn’t know Jabba the Hut had a sister. And I though Jabba was an ugly cunt; this chick has a face just made for horror movies. Despite her obvious (and not mention overwhelming) physical grossness, this silly bitch feels she has the right to sneer at men whom are less than six feet tall. I’d like to send this dumb cunt a photo of me sneering with the caption, “Me when ho’s say they weigh more than 200lbs”.


There should be laws against sea-mammals wearing swimsuits and this obeast is proof of it. Despite being a model of everything a woman should avoid being, this fat bitch again expects a knight in shining armour over six feet tall to sweep her off her feet. I got news for you, chubbie – a man would need a front-end loader to sweep a lard ass like you off her feet. And why would he bother when he can probably find a slimmer and more attractive woman pretty much anywhere?

Do yourself a favour and check out the site, it is chock full of silly, unrealistic cunts like those above. With most women being like this, why any man would bother in the first place is beyond me.

A Giude on What a Man Should Be Doing for Women

I wrote this post recently and had the occasion to reread the article I linked to. Within the various passages I quoted from the link is a single sentence that sums up the way men need to relate to women……

If you find yourself doing something for a woman that you wouldn’t for a man, and you aren’t banging her, it’s time to let that one go and throw it back into the sea.”

Put simply, any woman you aren’t having sex with is a woman you should offer no special privilege or consider to. Obviously one has to make exceptions for women a man is related to but for women at large. This has nothing to do with exploiting women or using them for sex but rather it has everything to do with not letting women exploit men or waste their resources. Seeing as the modern women fucks far and wide with little thought to the fact, it makes no sense to be going out of your way to be nice, considerate or whatever towards the female gender; you can bet your ass the last guy a woman fucked didn’t treat her like a princess so why should you? Given that chivalry before sex (and in a lot of cases, even after sex) will peg you as a beta simp in the eyes of a woman, there is just no justification for going out of your way for women you are not having sex with – period.

Life is too short and resources are too limited to be wasted on those who don’t warrant it. This applies doubly to the typical modern woman.

This is Why No Man Should Ever be a “Nice Guy”

One of the great things about a site like ROK is the sheer number of articles that nuggets of truth that just stay with you. Take this post for example. Although the whole article is worth a read, there is one paragraph in the middle that has stuck with me ever since first reading it……..

The ‘nice guy’ is a simply a holdover from a patriarchal civilized past, where male romantic commitment was rewarded with sex, and female promiscuity was limited. The ‘nice guy’ was also more limited in how much time he could spend with a woman in the past – society was more sexually segregated, and eligible women would spend more time in relationships. While they were probably every bit as attracted to ‘bad boys’ and cads back then, choosing them was difficult or impossible.

Given how women are opting to have sex quickly and incautiously nowadays, being a ‘nice guy’ is about as useful as keeping your wisdom teeth when they’re causing you pain – it’s just retarded. If you want to avoid the pain and enjoy life, it’s time to throw out those proverbial wisdom teeth, and man up. If you find yourself doing something for a woman that you wouldn’t for a man, and you aren’t banging her, it’s time to let that one go and throw it back into the sea.”

Ok, so that’s actually two paragraphs but at least they are in succession. The point is that these two paragraphs illustrate exactly why all men need to vomit up the blue pill that society has served them and start dining on the Red Pill. Quite frankly, from a social evolutionary perspective, the traditional gentleman is obsolete and women will eventually ensure that natural selection ensures he dies out. Not only are the nice guys never going to get the modern woman, they are doomed to suffer in their seemingly endless pursuit. How many nice guys have you known that have suffered endless bouts on oneitis or endless rejection from women whom are likely beneath them? I have met lots of guys like this and used to be one. I can remember spending my youth and early adulthood in a constant state of depression because I didn’t have a girlfriend and honestly believed all the bullshit men are taught about having to be attractive to women to be a “real man”. It wasn’t until a swallowed the Red Pill that I realised just how much of my life I had wasted in misery because I believed (because I was taught) a load of horseshit that poisoned not only my belief structure but my sense of self. If I could have any one thing in the world it would be to take the Red Pill knowledge and beliefs I have now and put them into my sixteen year old self; I could have achieved so much more in my earlier life had I not been constricted by the false blue pill knowledge that society seems hell-bent on shoving down the throats of all boys and men.

Back to the initial premise of this post, one of the biggest problems nice guys have in the modern world is that they try to use outdated thinking to handle modern day problems…….

Nice guys think girls choose men like people buy houses – the prospective home buyer opens the newspaper and looks at the houses available houses on sale, and methodically chooses a house suited for her tastes and needs. While a few choose a house rashly, most are smart about it. It’s a decision made after much consideration and planning.”

Been there and done that. Too many times I have seen a woman with a guy that – one first appearances – she should be able to do a lot better than and wondered what the fuck was going on in her head when she made that decision. Obviously, I was assuming that some degree of deep thought had gone into the actual decision – such is the influence of the blue pill. Now that I am an avowed Red Pill man, I know damn well that most women just jump at the next thing that makes their pussies wet and fuck consequences. Looking back, this would certainly explain some of the unlikely pairings I observed.

For women in America, deciding who to have sex with has gone from being a big infrequent ‘purchase’ to a frequent small one.”

This is fundamentally one of the biggest changes in society over the last two generations and not for the better either.

Nowadays, it’s just about the man who can tickle her taste buds, right now. And women definitely do not want what the nice guy is selling. While a woman was often tempted to have sex outside the confine of a serious relationship, a patriarchal social order made the restraint of female sexuality its highest priority. Single men and women had fewer opportunities to interact as platonic friends, and women would spend less time single and get married sooner.  A woman hanging out with a man when she already had a boyfriend or husband was more likely to attract scrutiny.”

Modern women tend to describe the patriarchy as oppression. In reality, the patriarchy was designed to protect women from themselves. If you don’t believe that, look at the quality of women today and compare that to the quality of women you grandfather socialised with – no comparison needed. Put simply, by breaking the restraints the patriarchy put on them, women have devolved into a state that renders them unfit for living in society, let alone marriage.

To a player, every flash of excitement and gale of laughter from the girl is like an army general commanding “ADVANCE, SOLDIER!” In an environment where pre-marital sex doesn’t happen, and fathers ensure their daughters don’t have sex, the player may have to settle for girls who are pariahs, or give up quick sex altogether.”

Compare that to nowadays whereby the players usually get the pick of the most desirable women and the evolutionary obsolescence of the nice guy becomes complete. Despite the fact that women everywhere claim to want a nice guy, they do their best to ensure the nice guy becomes extinct as a species so the asshole playa’s can take over. All I can say is that at my age, I will probably die of old age in the next thirty years and thank god for that. At the rate women are flushing the world down the toilet, I wouldn’t want to be in in another hundred years.

If you need further convincing that being a nice guy in the modern world is a bad fucking idea, then have a look at Michael’s Story. If that doesn’t make you want to change your blue pill ways then nothing will.

Good For A Laugh

There is nothing like reading some of the retarded shit women post online to have a good laugh. Take this post for example. Apparently, this is supposed to be a list of reasons for women to dump the men in their lives. As I read it, it is more like a list of reasons for men not to get involved with women in the first place. I truly find it hilarious that in trying to make one point, the dumb bitch who wrote the article the article actually proved the opposite. And best of all, it’s actually funny to read.

I finally read something worthwhile written by a woman. LOL

Tax Minimisation is a Must

……for men at least. Let me explain. The overwhelming percentage of the taxation paid each year in any developed country is inevitably paid by men. As a function of earning more than women (by dent of having more relevant qualifications, working longer hours, being more productive and a host of other factors), men pay the same percentage of tax on a higher income. Factoring in income tax brackets, the average man is in a higher income tax bracket than the average woman. There is also the fact that a much higher percentage of women work part-time as opposed to men which only further increases the income (and thus, tax paid) disparity between men and women.

Given the above, men would be entitled to expect that their paying more of the taxation dollar would result in them benefiting more from government expenditure – seems logical to men. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that; if it did, there would be lots of funding for male causes such as suicide prevention, testicular cancer and prostate cancer research and treatment, male homelessness (let’s not forget that men make up the overwhelming majority of the homeless) and just about any other male cause you could think of. What actually happens is that governments take the overwhelming-majority-paid-for-by-men taxes and use them largely for the benefit of females whom by definition, contribute the decided minority of the tax pool. Effectively, by being a productive and tax paying male sheeple, a man is effectively allowing sluts to have abortions, single moms to live on a pension, women to have a whole range of health screenings/treatments that no male equivalent is funded for, police to have funds to raid the houses of men falsely accused of domestic violence (and subsequently persecute said men) and to provide women with public housing when they are too useless to earn their own way in the world. Essentially, for a man to pay his fair share of taxes does not help him in any way period.

So what is the answer? The next time your tax is due, rather than do your tax yourself (which basically guarantees you will pay the maximum tax the government can get out of you), have your tax prepared by a reputable taxation accountant. Any competent accountant will be able to show you how to arrange your monetary affairs so as to pay the least amount of tax you need to. When I first started doing this, I was amazed at the sheer number of items I had that were clearly tax deductible. Not only that, but a good accountant will show you how to set up your ongoing future affairs such that you pay the minimum tax in future years. Whereas I once never got a tax refund – and often had to pay the government extra – for the last ten years thereabouts I have had a tax refund of around $6,000 a year. Over ten years this equates to around $60,000 and that is a lot of extra money to have around. This surplus has allowed me to do many things such as top up my investment accounts which will only help me as I approach retirement.

Of course, the biggest benefit is knowing that women’s-only causes are not getting one cent more of my income than I can avoid giving them.