Are Women Becoming Even More Superficial Than They Always Were?

Women are a pretty fickle lot. Their tendency to change their minds about anything any numbers of times based on fuck knows what is astounding. Unfortunately for men and the human race in general, women have a tendency to employ the same logic when it comes to deciding which men they are going to fuck and which men they won’t. Whilst women are well-known for their materialism and gold-digging (which are really just one type of superficiality), women are equally known for their tendency to be as deep as puddles. Most women state that they would never marry for money, yet many (if not most) women do. Most women state that a man’s looks don’t matter, yet nearly all women demonstrate an actual preference for good-looking men and so the list foes on. The point is, woman are superficial. The question I have often wondered about is Are women becoming more superficial when it comes to their taste in men. I saw a post over at reddit/redpill in which a similar question was asked……”

Seeing as hypergamy has always been the major motivation in a woman’s search for a male victim partner and that female hypergamy is largely encouraged by society, I would venture that the superficiality of modern women is on a constant, ever-increasing trend. Whilst I believe everyone should have standards, I also believe that everyone should have reasonable standards. I also believe that people should not expect more in a partner than they can deliver themselves. Sadly, few women seem to believe this which no doubt explains the huge number of obese landwhales expecting to meet the next Brad Pitt and then bitching endlessly about the male gender when they don’t. I have also noticed an increasing tendency for women whom are obviously superficial themselves to get extremely pissed off when men throw the same attitude back at them. What the fuck do women expect? And it’s like men don’t have something to complain about. The world is full of thoroughly undesirable women who love to heap shit on men but can’t handle it when the shit comes back their way.

Basically, if women want to be superficial, let them. Just make sure you lump equal piles of shit at their feet.

Inaction Hurts Men as Much as Action

There is no doubt that the modern world is full of misandric females and their sycophantic manginas who like nothing more than causing pain and misery to the entire male gender. From the cradle to the grave, males are told they are no good and the world would be better off without them. There evidence to the contrary of that is obvious and overwhelming but that is a whole article in itself. The point is that direct actions of feminists and their supporters (of both genders) has done an incredible amount of harm to men over the last fifty or so years.

It is very easy to blame all the woes of men on feminism and certainly feminists must be apportioned much of the blame. However, for every man-hating feminist and mangina in the world, there is probably a blue-pill man who stands by and says and does nothing whilst he sees his fellow men being systematically abused. Think about it – how many times have you raised an issue negatively affecting the male gender to a fellow man and received an answer stating with, “Oh yeah, but………….”. Personally, I have encountered this time and time again. It seems that many men in the world either need to experience serious misandry on a personal level to make them come to their senses – and I have seen this happen more than a few times – or they seem happy to go about life in a state of ignorance. In a lot of cases, men who cop the shit end of the stick for being men tend to see their circumstances as being an isolated example. I have heard quite a few men – having been shafted by whatever feminised system – state, “I was just unlucky. I doesn’t normally happen like that”.

The above is part of a larger problem and that problem is the tendency for men to not recognise that abuses of the rights of the male gender are a systematic problem. Too many men are satisfied to remain inactive in gender politics while abuses happen around them. Does anyone think women are like that? No fucking way they are. Try dropping a comment – however appropriate – denigrating anything about women into a group conversation involving both genders and see what kind of response you get. I’ll guarantee you that most of the women and any manginas present will jump down your throat for daring to have an opinion. On the other hand, I have seen many conversations whereby I was the sole person – and a man at that – to pull up some misandric bitch when she decides to take a hateful dig at the male gender. It is almost like many men have handed in their man cards in order to appease the weaker sex. Fuck that – I carry my man card at all times and I have never been afraid to shove it in the face of some cunt or asshole that needs it.

 My point here is that for years, great sections of the male gender have chosen to be passive when it comes to denigrations of their rights. Men can’t sit around afford to sit around and wait for women to decide that feminism has been unfair to men and the pendulum needs to swing back a little the other way. It just ain’t ever gonna happen. If men are ever going to get a better deal for themselves, they need to start becoming an active part in the narrative. It’s not that hard. If you see an institution infringing on male rights, lodge a complaint and encourage other men to do the same. If you hear a feminist asshole denigrating males, pull her the fuck up. Start a blog to publicise men’s rights issues. The list goes on. The point is (as the saying goes) we must not go quietly into the night.

 Men have always had a voice. Now is the time to use it.

This is the End Result of Giving Women Rights but Not Responsibilities

Take a look at this story about psycho woman who decide to stab a fellow airline passenger because he was snoring. Are we fucking serious here? What kind of asshole stabs a stranger because they happen to be snoring? I don’t know about you, but if I am ever on a mode of transport and the person next to me snores, I find it quite amusing. After all, no one ever died from another’s snoring and it’s not like someone snoring impinges on your basic rights. Snoring is one of those funny things that – I’m sure – most people do without realising it.

If it happens that the snoring of someone next to you is that bothersome, you have to do something about it. I would prefer to wake the person so they can readjust their seated posture so they can sleep more quietly. Being a snorer – as I have been told – I would much prefer to be gently woken than being stabbed with a fucking pen. Which leads onto the point of this post. Apparently, some idiot bitch was so offended by the snoring of the man next to her on a flight that was about to take off she felt the need to stab him repeatedly with a pen. Whilst it would be hard to actually kill someone with a pen, I have no doubt that being stabbed with a pen (repeatedly) would fucking seriously hurt. And what kind of person do you thing does such an inconsiderate action? Obviously the same kind of person who has the right to go about their business in public without having to take responsibility for their actions in public. When one talks about rights without responsibilities, one is almost never going to talking about women; the whole point of the women’s rights movement was to give women the same rights as men but none of the responsibilities and modern women leverage this to the max. No surprise the pen-stabbing shitwipe on the plane was a woman and even less surprise was that her victim was a defenceless old man. And don’t think the vicious bitch will have any compunctions about doing the same to any other person that dares to annoy her…….

“She was smirking…..”‘


‘The woman was allegedly ‘smirking’ when she was removed from the plane.’

You’d think if the bitch had a shred of decency she would have shown some contrition but no, this cunt obviously feels she has the right to assault anyone she feels has trespassed against her – even if that someone happens to be a harmless old man. What makes it worse is that the woman will face almost no repercussions for her actions; she is not being criminally charged for the assault and of all mad things, even though she was removed from the flight……..

Southwest accommodated her on another flight.’

Personally, I would prefer if idiots like this were banned from flying permanently for the safety of fellow passengers. Had she been a man, I have no doubt this would have been the case but she is a woman and the seemingly eternal pussy pass came into play. The conundrum is that if women are never held accountable for their actions, how can anyone ever expect them to be accountable for their actions? The answer is, we can’t. Responsibility is something that has to be learned and pretty much all women are granted an exemption from this as a function of owning a vagina.

Speaking of owning a vagina, it is well known that women do most of their thinking with their cunts. Do you think if the passenger was a suave, worldly older man and not a plain old gent, the woman would felt the need to attack him? I am willing to bet not. She would have been to busy considering him for an upgrade from her current husband. Do you think if the passenger had of been a weightlifter or a Hell’s Angel, the woman would have dared to attack him? I’d bet my life not. Apart from being to cowardly to consider it, she would have had the ‘gina tingles from being so close to a bad boy.

If you want more evidence that women should not be allowed on airplanes (and probably anywhere else for that matter) unsupervised, check out the following links…..



Sadly, I am Sure a Lot of Women Actually Believe This

If you have ever wondered why so many modern women are nothing more than entitled assholes, this article will help explain it. The article lists a whole host of truly unfortunate traits and behaviours exhibited by many a modern women in their general interactions in men. Unbelievably, as the title of the article seems to suggest, a lot of women actually believe that having a whole host of unpleasant personality attributes will attract “nice” men to them. No doubt a lot of that is simple projection; women believe that because they are attracted men who treat them badly, the same must therefore work in reverse. I have bad news for you, ladies – it doesn’t. I have yet to see a man who is actually attracted to truly shitty woman. True, I have seen to odd dude who is with a shitty woman because he can’t do any better but that is as opposed to actually having a choice. Given the choice, any self-respecting man will want to be with a woman whom is pretty much the opposite of what is described in the article. Largely, this means a woman whom is feminine, demure, gentle, kind, caring and generally great to have around. By contrast, most women I have met who fit the description in the article are bitter and twisted psychos that pretty much all men avoid like the plague.

I strongly suspect the author, Gigi Engle, wrote the article justify her own shitty personality and most likely, her lack of success with men. The following quote says it all…..

‘I have a huge ego, and I’m pretty sure I’m the best thing since sliced bread.’

Did I mention that men value modesty in a woman, as well? Just reading the above makes me think that Engle would be a majorly not-fun person to be around, let alone be in a relationship with. However, if writing crap like the article makes her feel better about herself, good for her.

‘If I were in a guy’s shoes, I wouldn’t be into that. I don’t want to date a narcissist.’

We don’t either, so what the fuck gives you the idea we do? Talk about nonsensical; this chick hasn’t got a fucking clue. Her idiocy continues with the following…….

‘What in society is conditioning these perfectly nice guys to go after bitches? My main theory has been that it’s the air we Alpha Bitches give off, the vibe we emit, the ferocity that envelops us, that make us attractive to these men.’

I think we have already that men with options don’t go for women whom are bitches. Obviously, the only men that would are those who are so desperate they can’t do any better. If that is the market Engle is happy with, then once again, good for her. In describing her self as being one of the “Alpha Bitches”, Engle is really saying a lot about herself and nothing that is good. When will women finally get the idea that domineering and abrasive women are a huge turn-off for most men. The “Vibe” these women emit is enough to make most men opt for a life of celibacy. That being an asshole woman like Engle “is attractive” to men is wishful thinking and just doesn’t happen.

One has to wonder just how many modern women go beyond justifying their asshole behaviour to actually believing men are actually attracted to it. For any woman this stupid, I throw down the challenge: have a look around you and see how many quality men you know whom are happily paired with an asshole woman. Let me give you a hint – you won’t find many.

10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women

I saw this article which lists which ten countries are thought to have the world’s most beautiful women. In order of the article, these nationalities are…….







South Korea




Generally, I agree with the above selection. My personal order might vary, but generally, I would pick the same countries. I would make a couple of observations at this point: a) only one of the countries listed is Asian (South Korea), suggesting that most men do not in fact have ‘yellow fever’. b) six of the countries listed are predominantly white (Russia, Serbia, Argentina, France, Italy and Ukraine), suggesting that white women can be attractive if they put there minds to it. The fact that countries like the USA, Great Britain and Australia are full of women who are the size of large sea mammals has less to do with genetics and more to do with being fucking undisciplined slobs.

The last observation leads me to the last point – given that most women in the US, UK and Australia have no desire to be attractive to men, is it any wonder that the women of none of these countries make it into the top 10 most beautiful? For that reason, is it any wonder that men in these countries reject their local women and import brides from the world over? More importantly, if someone were to compile a list of the top 10 countries with the least attractive women, would the US, UK and Australia all make the list?

I would say most likely yes.

A “Professional” Woman in More Ways than One!

Modern women are always going on about how “professional” they are at whatever the fuck it is they happen to be doing for a living. Well, it would seem this woman can certainly lay claim to that.

Why am I not surprised that a woman who works in a white-collar field would whore herself off for extra cash. Given that the whore charges $625 and hour, I would propose this woman is not a banker moonlighting as a whore but rather a whore moonlighting as a banker. I’d bet she is making more money whoring than she is from banking. Regardless of whether you think banking is a profession or not, this woman is certainly a member of the world’s oldest profession.

I am not even going to go into who would pay a 46yo whore for sex. Hell, I’d pay a 46yo whore not to have sex, but that is a whole article in itself. The point of this article is that no woman is above selling herself and all woman are whores at heart.

Remember that the next time you get a case of oneitis.

And Women Worry About Men They Meet Online

I have read any number of articles about women feeling they need to be paranoid about men they meet online. This brings two obvious thoughts to mind: a) if women are so fearful of men they meet online then why do they join internet dating sites in the first place? and b) most women are paranoid about everything; it’s called being a coward and most women are cowards.

Having said all that, the implication is that whilst women have to fret constantly due to all the big, bad men they voluntarily go online to meet, men have no such problems as all women online are gentle angels who wouldn’t hurt a fly. To be cured of this misconception, have a look at this link.

What can I say? On the first date, this mad cunt smacks the guy in the head with a baseball bat.

Three times.

With a metal bat.

Apparently the man survived the attack – damn lucky for him – but given the nature of the assault, I have no idea what kind of permanent injuries he might have. So far, the psycho-bitch woman has not been granted a pussy-pass but who knows what will happen in the future.

Ultimately, this goes to prove that internet dating is not necessarily safe for anyone, male or female. However, whilst the odd bad man on ‘net dating sites has always had plenty of negative publicity, we rarely hear from the truly evil women.

The moral of the story is that there is no shortage of crazy chicks out there and men of them know how to use a computer. Be safe, gents.

Pretty Blatant Discrimination Against Men

Have a look at the following news article…….

If police are looking to solve a murder by requesting voluntary DNA analysis of local residents, why limit the request to males only? Women are just as capable of murder as men and given that women are becoming increasingly violent, there is just as much reason to test them for DNA as men.

For police to request only male DNA testing in this instance smacks of gender profiling. If the elderly woman’s killer happens to be a woman, it is not going to help the police solve the crime.

The message to police here is simple, do your fucking jobs without favour or bias and leave the gender politicking to idiot feminists.

Sad Reality for Most Men in the Modern Era of Dating and Mating

I just saw this great article over at ROK.

If nothing else, the crowd at ROK do a great job of reminding men that the modern, feminised world doesn’t give two shits about them or their basic needs. Not that most men need to be reminded of this as the evidence is all around us but it is nice to know that someone stands up for the modern man. In the case in point, an apparently decent young man elected to commit suicide rather than face the pain of continued loneliness of being perpetually single and unloved. Wilkes McDermid left a poignant suicide note in which he described the pain of being aware that as a man of average or below stature, of Asian decent and of less than wealthy means, his chances of finding a female partner in life were extremely limited. Wilkes expressed this as a form of “natural selection” that he had no wish to suffer as a result of. Wilkes then proceeded to throw himself off an 80 foot tall building to his death.

From reading endless blogs and talking to many a single man in real life, I can assure any reader that Wilkes pain was quite real and justified. Moreover, I can equally assure any reader that Wilkes was most certainly not alone in his torment; the world is literally full of good, decent men whom because of the unrealistic expectations of modern women, find themselves perpetually alone, unloved and completely disregarded by modern women. As I have said in a previous post, this is almost certainly one of the major causes of the abominably high male suicide rate in the modern world. Does anyone believe that men where killing themselves in huge numbers fifty years ago?     How did we come to this point whereby society can make huge numbers of men – the creators of civilisation – feel they are unworthy of being loved or even regarded as being worthy of basic human compassion? The feminist revolution obviously played a large part in this women in previous generations were taught to treat men with respect – especially if they wanted to be respected by men in turn. Modern women have been allowed to adopt the attitude of treating men like shit and no one ever bats an eyelid at it. Whilst there have been any number of where-have-all-the-good-men-gone articles in the media, I have yet to see an article pointing out what crap options there are for dating for modern men. Obviously, the media doesn’t want to upset their feminist overlords but that doesn’t stop them trashing the collective self-worth of pretty much the entire male gender. How do women and the feminist media think lonely, unloved young men feel when all they hear about men in the dating sense is that none of them are worthy or worthwhile? Obviously they don’t give a shit either way. On the other hand, try mentioning that women don’t have a lot to offer the modern man to any conversation and see what kind of reaction you get. Basically, this is just another example of one set of rules for men and a better set of rules for women.

And it is not like women don’t eventually suffer as a result of continual denigration of men. Most of the shootings we have seen here and abroad have been done by lonely young men. Any number of women have been killed by single men who likely recognise that their chance of finding a woman to recognise them as a worthwhile member of the human race are slim to nil. It is well known that loneliness and depression can drive people to extremes and mass killings are the extreme of that. In some real sense, by limiting the ability of men in society to find love and acceptance, women are very likely creating the very men that ultimately want to harm and kill them. Think about it, when was the last time you heard of a man who did well with women and life in general going on a shooting spree? It is always the men who don’t naturally achieve success who finally snap and unleash consequences.

One of the consequences for a young man of not doing well with women is stigmatisation. Make no mistake about it; men who are not “successful” with women are” stigmatised. Who do you think the label of “loser” is predominantly attached to? It certainly isn’t women under any circumstances. If you don’t believe that, try calling a woman a loser and see what kind of response you get from her and pretty much everyone around her. You’ll be lucky if the white knight brigade don’t hand your ass to you in ten pieces. The label of loser is pretty much unilaterally applied to men who don’t have any success with women. People being as superficial as they are, the end result of a man being labelled as a loser is almost always social disapproval and often social ostracism. This is hardly going to help the young man – who through no fault of his own – doesn’t do well with the opposite sex. And it is rarely a man’s fault that women don’t find him attractive; modern women have quite simply hugely unrealistic expectations of the men they want to date. More so when most women don’t have a lot to offer in return. For a young man who is unfairly stigmatised due to women unreasonably rejecting him repeatedly, at some stage it must surely get to be too much and something gives. Unlike women – who have every support for even the most minor of problems – men are left to their own devices to handle their pain. Sadly, some men can’t.

Perhaps the final line in the ROK article sums up the problem best of all……

‘Regretfully, McDermid won’t be the last victim of today’s harsh sexual marketplace.’

I suspect this will prove to be true.

The PC, Hairy Armpit Lesbians are At It Again

There really is nothing that the typical left-wing, feminised idiot won’t get offended by, is there? Just have a look at the following……..


OK, I’ll admit that some of the slogans this guy has on his buses-for-hire are probably not in the best taste, but trying to start a movement to him is a bit excessive. As I understand, Wicked Campers is a small, non-franchised business so it is not as though the entire country is bombarded with their slogans. Yet despite this, there are those people whose sensibilities are so delicate that they see the need to get offended by every little thing they don’t like and try to force others to conform to their point of view…..

“Wicked Campers must remove violent, misogynist, racist and homophobic slogans from its rental fleet, activists say.”

Really? So what about the following that has been seen on many a T-shirt worn by young girls……..


‘And what do women say about men who think this is sexist and generally offensive?……

‘”No, I don’t think the shirts are cute. But I spend every day on life-and-death issues and don’t have time for T-shirt campaigns.”‘


‘”Shut up and get a life, already.”‘

Yeah, fuck you too. Being offended and offensive works both ways. If women are not going to recognise that a large part of the feminist movement involves hating on men then I fail to see why men should give two and a half shits why men should give a rodent’s posterior about what concerns women.

At any rate, the PC, Hairy Armpit Lesbians have shown once again why no one with an ounce of intelligence takes them seriously…..

‘”… these messages are not funny, they are not intelligent or witty”‘

Wrong, most of these slogans are very clever and humorous – at least to those of us whom have a sense of humour.

‘”We need to stop the culture that supports rape and violence against women and Wicked Campers promotes these attitudes,”‘

Does it say that in the company’s mission statement? I don’t know and I’ll bet the silly cunt that uttered the above idiotic comment doesn’t either. That won’t stop the typical idiot feminist spouting off about things she has no fucking idea about, however. As far as stopping “the culture that supports rape and violence against women” goes: a) there is no such thing – rape culture does not and never has existed and b) if women want to be better regarded by men, they need to start earning respect from men and there is no better time to start than right fucking now.

‘Social worker and mother Megan Hall said Wicked Campers was desensitising people to the sexualisation and abuse of woman.’

Not likely, the biggest cause of the sexualisation and abuse of women is women. Mothers are the ones who dress their five-year-old daughters up like porn stars. Women are the ones who set a poor example to their daughters by divorcing their husbands and fucking around. Women are the ones who buy their underage daughters the contraceptive pill so they can fuck around before their tits stop growing. It goes on and on but the reality is, the worst enemy of the female gender is females themselves.

However – on a completely different tack – what has been overlooked by these feminists idiots is that they are effectively helping Wicked Campers by all their complaining. One of the biggest risks to any start-up business is failure due to lack of promotion – especially when promotion costs a lot of money that start-ups generally don’t have. However, Wicked Campers have effectively getting a huge amount of free publicity from the same people whom would like to see them shut down. Think about it – would I have even heard of Wicked campers had I not read about it on news website? Would you have heard about it if you had not read it here? Probably not; start-ups come and go but this guy has gotten the name of his company out there are it has cost him little apart from a tin of paint and a few brushes. And best of all, Wicked Campers has gotten the very people whom most choose to be offended by them to do all their promotional work for free.

With enemies like that, who needs friends?