Should The Statute of Limitations be Limited in Rape Allegations?

One of the more troubling aspects of rape allegations (and possible prosecutions) is that in many areas of the world, there is not statute of limitations on rape allegations. Effectively, this results in the too-often seen scenario whereby a woman alleges a famous male figure raped her decades ago but only now does she wish to have the matter prosecuted (and have you noticed that it is always a well-known man who cops the “he raped me thirty years ago” allegations?) In recent times, Australians Robert Hughes and Rolf Harris have been convicted on the “testimonies” of women regarding events that supposedly happened decades ago. Yet, in both cases, the women involved have waited until now to bring their allegations to light. The question that has to be asked is why? If the incident had any validity, surely the allegations would have been raised at the time to allow for a fair and impartial investigation while relevant parties memories of the alleged events were fresh and any evidence (DNA or otherwise) could be examined. As it is now, when a woman lodges a claim that so and so raped her twenty or thirty years ago, there is almost no biological evidence (how convenient) and the whole event hinges on people’s recollection of what may or may not have happened decades in the past. Eyewitness testimony has been shown to be notoriously unreliable even when events are recent; reliability is further eroded when trying to describe events that allegedly happened half a lifetime ago. To the point, if I allege that someone broke into my house or beat me up thirty years ago, no prosecutor in the land is going to take that one up because it can’t be proven or disproven either way. Even in the above scenario, any sane prosecutor would ask the obvious question we have already covered and that is why did I not lodge the allegations at the time and that is more than fair enough. Yet, this situation is allowed to occur in allegations of rape and frequently does. In any investigation of an alleged event decades past, pretty much the only “evidence” tendered either way is hearsay and hearsay and hearsay can not be considered to be proof by anyone interested in having justice served. If anything, one would think it would be impossible to be convicted purely on hearsay and for pretty much any crime apart from rape, it is impossible to convicted of hearsay. Yet – as it stands – Robert Hughes and Rolf Harris were both convicted purely on hearsay regarding alleged rapes that happened longer in the past than many legal adults have been alive. I have no doubt that both Hughes and Harris were creepy opportunists but thee is a long stretch between that and being a rapist. Yet, as is stands, because some females many years ago found both Harris and Hughes distasteful (which is pretty much all they were able to prove and being “distasteful” is not in itself a crime) both men have been convicted of rape and sentenced to lengthy spells of imprisonment. In Harris case, it is likely he will die in prison given his advanced age.

So why do women insist on waiting so long to raised allegations of rape. This article from COTWA has a good theory, specifically in regards to the current Bill Crosby allegations…….

The longer an accuser waits to lodge a complaint, the more difficult it is to fairly defend against it.”

Which, by the way, is the whole reason we have statutes of limitations. One of the basic tenets of law is that it is better to free a guilty person than it is to imprison an innocent one; from that comes the principle of innocent until proven guilty. By pushing out the statute of limitations on rape, women know that it is much harder for any man they accuse of rape to get a fair trial. To make matters worse, the current anti-male sentiment of women-never-lie-about-being-raped (even though there is insurmountable evidence that they do, and often at that) creates a situation whereby a man accused of rape is effectively guilty unless he can prove himself innocent. Case in point: the accusers of Robert Hughes and Rolf Harris did not prove that the respective gentlemen raped them; Hughes and Harris were unable (as a function of their accusers delaying their allegations) to prove they didn’t rape the said women. I have a sad feeling the same fate will befall Bill Crosby for the same reason.

At present, it seems to be only relatively famous men that get targeted by this opportunistic practice by women – and likely because, once the get a conviction for an unprovable allegation of rape, women know they can sue the famous man’s estate for all he is worth. How long will it be before this practice filters down to the common man? Whilst I am not famous by any means and my wealth would be much less than any celebrity, I am nonetheless well-off. What is stopping some woman twenty years down the track alleging I raped her at such and such a time and date and whatever location. How the fuck am I going to defend myself against that? I can’t remember what I did yesterday most of the time and I am supposed to recollect what I am accused of doing at a specific time/date/location twenty or thirty years ago? Be fucking serious.

There is the other issue of damage to an accused man’s reputation by the mere allegation of rape even if charges are never laid. Bill Cosby has had numerous performance dates cancelled even though (as best I know) he is yet to be charged with anything in relation to his current predicament. Should this be permissible? Either way, restricting the timeframe in which women could lodge allegations of rape would do a lot to create a fairer system for the accused (and a fair investigation/trial is a legal right) whilst giving greater credibility to women lodging rape accusations in the first place.

The statute of limitations for rape allegations should most definitely NOT be raised. If anything, it should be severely limited in line with limitations for all crimes.

It Only Takes One Man to Make a Difference……

I came across the following episode of a man taking action against unfair discrimination against the male gender……

In the same situation, a lot of men – and probably myself included – would have just bitched about it without taking any real action or making any kind of a stand. Unfortunately, most men in society are so used to ingrained misandry and anti-male bias that we just accept it for what it is. The young man in the linked post, however, is obviously made of sterner stuff for he is willing to take actions not just to correct an injustice against himself but an injustice against the entire male gender. Sure, this may be a minor issue (and who gives a fuck about college elections anyway? No one ever did when I was in university) but perhaps this is the thin edge of the wedge. Stopping men from voting in certain college elections is one thing; suppose this concept grows into stopping men from voting in certain political elections? This might sound a bit far fetched but pretty much all major changes have minor beginnings – someone has to sow the first seed. As the young man in the linked post obviously knows, it is better to nip an evil in the bud than it is to clean up the aftermath.

Back to the point in hand, if more men did what this young man is doing and stood up for their rights and the rights of their fellow men, the collective voice of the male gender would be better heard. Not only that, the ravages of feminism would be slowed or even stopped. The young man in the linked post has thrown down the gauntlet for all men; it is up to us as individual men to set an example for ourselves.

All Men Are “Real Men”

I found the following……….

Shaming Capture

via this post from reddit/mensrights.

Will the attitude of entitlement of modern women never end? Will the shaming that women use (or try to) to bend men to their will never cease? In all the occasions I have heard someone use the expression “real man”, the speaker has either been a woman or one of their mangina sycophants (whom are little better than women). The obvious problem is that neither women nor manginas would have the slightest idea what a “real man” is. And for that reason, who really gives fuck what they think anyway? Do you think I care what Stevie Wonder’s favourite colour is? No, because he wouldn’t have a fucking clue either.

The thing that really gets me about the entitlement attitude modern women is that they feel entitled to make demands of men (and use shaming language when men don’t acquiesce yet use even more shaming if men dare to make demands of women. Talk about hypocrisy. On one hand, women expect men to put themselves in harm’s way to help a woman regardless of how the woman treats said men. On the other hand, men who expect women to give them a reasonable chance in the mating and dating game are accused of believing they are entitled to sex. As long as men play by this set of idiotic rules, they cannot win. In all likelihood, the dizzy bimbo in the picture wouldn’t give the time of day to 95% of men she would expect to go out of their way just so she can feel safe from dangers that don’t even exist; you can say that about the vast majority of women whom spout crap about “real men”.

The comments to the reddit post are heartening. It is fairly clear that many men have had enough of women telling them what they should be – and with good reason…..

Real Men tm do whatever i tell them to so I can benefit from them.”


in my experience doing things to benefit a woman doesn’t get you very far, they just get some idiot to do shit for the and then get some traditionally sexy, fit looking guy to fuck then cry when he leaves, cry some more when the other guy stops doing shit, then replace them both and repeat.”

That pretty much sums up the whole “real man” concept. The irony is that women are forever trying to prove they don’t need men………except or course, when they do need a man……

You’re a strong independent womyn who can do it on her own, right? That’s what real women do.”


Apparently modern women don’t need a man… until they do. And then it’s all “man up.””

So much for “independent women”; a true oxymoron at best. Of course, men are starting to learn the best way to deal with “independent women” is to treat them as such…….

Oh, ladies. If you keep telling us you don’t need us, we’re going to internalize that, and leave you to fend for yourselves.”

And then we will really see the “real men” horseshit fly. Men, on the other hand, aren’t going to give a shit because most women aren’t worth the effort and haven’t been for the last 30-40 years. This is best summed up by one final quote from the comments….

Don’t just assume I will risk my life for you, that I owe you my self well being because you have a vagina.”

Amen, Brothers.

News for Newbies – Women Don’t Give a Fuck About Your Feelings

One of the worst pieces of advice a man can ever act on to let a woman know how he feels (about anything). This is discussed over at this post on reddit/redpill. The entire post/thread is worth reading for the information provided however, I would like to focus on a section of the post that really stands out for me……

There is no reason, at all, ever, to discuss your feelings with a woman. Firstly it’s a waste of your time because they don’t care (they get no validation or attention from it after all), and secondly it does irreparable harm to your frame and SMV, and is a sure fire way to render any vagina as dry as the sahara in minutes.

Why? Because women don’t care about how YOU feel, they only care about how YOU make THEM feel. They care about the tingles you give them when you maintain your alpha frame and the SMV you have in public, they care about the protection they feel when they are out in public with you, they care about the direction and purpose you bring to the relationship and in turn their lives, they care about the financial security and social status you bring, they care about the orgasm you give them when you let your testosterone take over and give them the rough fucking they so desperately crave.

Women are programmed to be nurturing towards their young, not their men. Men are there to provide and protect while they raise their young, and if they have to be nurturing towards you too that means you’re a poor protector and provider. Displaying any trait that reflects poorly on your ability to be a strong protector and provider is infuriating to a woman, because nothing annoys a woman more than accidentally fucking a beta.”

Enough said. The only time women a woman wants a man to show his feelings is she is testing his frame to eliminate him if he happens to be beta in disguise. Otherwise, keep your feelings to yourself. The idea of the Sensitive New Age Guy (SNAG) getting laid is a furphy; these guys inevitably end up as emasculated orbiters. Women want a man who can master his emotions and doesn’t need them to be a crutch for a man to lean on. No doubt this is why the Dark Triad types have so much success with women.

Bill Burr – “There’s No Reason to Hit a Woman”

Actually, the title above is bullshit because as Bill mentions in this vid, there are many and varied reasons to hit women. However, the distinction is that having a reason to knock a woman senseless and actually doing it are two very different things.

For anyone to suggest there is never a reason to hit a woman obviously suggests they knows fuck-all about women. Implying that women never ask for a belting is to suggest that women are so perfect that can never be held to fault. More over, it implies that if ever a man feels like smacking a woman, she can never have been said to have contributed towards this. Make no mistake, a man is responsible if he actually decides to lay out a female however, it should be recognised that women quite often contribute to the anger that causes men to lash out in the first place. If you don’t believe me, YouTube is chock full of vid of women getting belted by men after said women do their utmost to provoke the man into it. Quite often, YT vids show a woman getting smacked by a man after she assaulted the man in the first place; what did she think was going to happen?

The moral of this story is that whilst men are ultimately responsible is they choose to hit a woman, many women could avoid being belted by men if they didn’t lead men to make such decisions in the first place.

Reddit – “Unintended consequences: Have feminists raised a generation of males who don’t want to work with females?”

Have a look at the following post over at reddit/mensrights……..”

I had never put any serious thought into this issue but now that I do, it seems to me that most men of the current generation will do anything possible to avoid working with women. The reasons are many and varied but the comments to the link give a clue. Commenters argue that women are prone to lodging HR bullshit HR issues, stirring up shit in the workplace, doing fuck-all and generally having no purpose for being there. Not only that, but larger companies are increasingly putting women in positions of authority for which they frequently have no aptitude or competence. Having been in that experience before, I have no trouble understanding why no other man would want to go through it. Few people have ever worked for an incompetent male supervisor as incompetent men are never given the opportunity to advance; only vaginally-equipped humans advance courtesy of their genitalia alone.

The fact that most men grow up in a highly gynocentric environment doesn’t do much for their views on females, either. Can you blame a young man whom after leaving school after twelve years of girls-good/boys-bad drilled into his head for not wanting to have anything more to do with women?

If nothing else, feminists are raising boys to be men who will never respect them. With opposition like that, it is surprising that feminism has lasted this long.

ROK – “A Treatise On Respect”

I just caught this great article discussing respect over at ROK. As I have said in a number of previous posts here, respect has to be earned. The ROK article mirrors this nicely…….

I am a firm believer that true respect is earned and never demanded.”

This is where most women go wrong; they demand that men respect them without making any effort to earn respect. Try as you might, you will never get most women to grasp the concept that respect has to be earned, it can’t be demanded. On the subject of people who demand respect, the ROK article makes a great point…..

These are also the psychopathic kind of people who not only demand personal respect, but are also overly demanding that their rights and property be respected as well, while at the same time displaying little regard for the respect, rights, and property of others.”

Yep, that describes the vast majority of women in one simple paragraph. I have met any number of women who will literally screech at a man who shows them the slightest degree of disrespect – even if the insult borders on imaginary. On the other hand, these same women treat others around them like they’re shit on the ground. Apparently women don’t seem to think the old mantra of “treat others as you would have them treat you” applies to them. Bad news, bitches – it does.

Hillary Clinton as US President?

Now there’s a scary thought – the feminist (and probably lesbian) wife of former US president, Bill Clinton as president of the USA. This is nothing against Bill, as for a Democrat, he did a pretty fair job. He was certainly a more effective president than Barack Obama. The citizens of the USA (of which I am not one) should be very worried about Hillary getting to the Whitehouse; not predominantly because she is a woman (although that is reason enough) but because she is a feminist. If the good people of the USA want to know what putting a feminist in charge achieves, they only have to look at the end result of having Julia (Juliar) Gillard as prime minister of Australia. Not only did this woman set our country back ten years, she is widely regarded as the worst PM Australia has ever had. It is a well-known fact that Gillard got in on the vote of women; put simply, women voted for Gillard because she is a woman. That’s another reason why women should not allowed to vote but I digress. Like Hillary Clinton, Gillard was a feminist and took to pushing the feminist anti-male agenda were ever possible. Not only that, given that the female half of the Australian populace voted for Gillard because she was a woman – as opposed to voting for her on her track record (of which she had none) – Australia ended up with a PM of very little ability. The end results were not good; the financial genius of the former John Howard government was quickly undone and Australia was quickly headed down the tubes. Had it not been for Gillard being overthrown by her also less than brilliant Labor colleague, Kevin Rudd, Australia would have quickly become a third-world nation. All this because women can be trusted to vote for a woman because she is a woman.

If anyone thinks the same won’t happen in USA, ask yourself what the fuck has Hillary ever done? Why would anyone vote for her? Beats the shit out of me but I can tell you one thing, if American women are anywhere near as stupid and short-sighted as Australian women, they’ll happily vote for Hillary because she is a woman and then deny any responsibility for the outcome. It happened down under so it can happen in the US.

Apparently the US election is not until 2016. For the sake of all Americans, one can only hope that either the Democrats or the Republican can put up a better candidate than HC. Having a feminist leader fuck up a relatively minor world economy like Australia is bad enough. Imagine what will happen if a feminist fucks up the world’s biggest economy.

ShieldWife – “I Don’t Need a Man but…….”

There is a female pro-male blogger on YouTube by the name of ShieldWife. She has a number of quite good videos detailing the importance of men in the world and the generally dishonest nature of feminism. I recommend you have a look at this video as a great example.

One doesn’t have to look far to hear, see or read of some entitled modern-day woman claim how she doesn’t need a man. ShieldWife lists many common examples and what women actually mean. What independent women actually mean when they say the don’t need a man is that they need what men as a collective produce or provide. This ranges from various subsidies from the government (paid for by taxes largely paid by men) to social protection by the police and army (the only useful police officers and soldiers are men as women are physically unsuited for these roles). It turns out that women need men as much as they always have, they just don’t want to admit it.

As ShieldWife points out, where as men were once admired and respected by women for their contributions to society, modern women see the provisions of men as an entitlement. Needless to say, this has led to a situation whereby women have no respect for either men or what men provide. I believe this all started with no fault divorce. No fault divorce basically entitled a woman to at least half (and usually a hell of a lot more) if she felt like leaving him. Prior to this, women had to respect men who provided for them because if they didn’t, they would be left with nothing. Unfortunately, the world has gone to hell from there. Modern day women expect men to treat them with chivalry and respect regardless of how said women treat men. Modern women see idiotic notions such as paid maternity leave as an entitlement regardless of the fact that more productive men will be paying for it. Modern women believe that the tax dollar (the majority which is paid by men) should pay for their abortions, pap smears and contraception. All the while, modern women do as little as they can to contribute anything to men.

The fact remains, no matter what bullshit feminists and women at large claim, they all still need men and a hell of a lot more than men need women.

Why You Should Never Ask A Woman An Intelligent Question

The answer is, of course, that intelligent questions require intelligent answers. You tend not to get these from women. When asked a serious question, a woman will inevitably mislead you or have no idea what the fuck you are asking her. Either way, expecting a woman to give an intelligent answer to a question is simply being unrealistic. I had a great experience of this recently. I was shopping at the local Bunnings store. For those of you not in Australia, Bunnings is a national chain of hardware stores. The actual premises Bunnings favours are more like warehouse – very large with seemingly endless rows of shelves containing pretty much every possible thing related to hardware one could imagine. Our local Bunnings store is one great big rectangular building about 200 by 100 metres. The pace is massive. The ceiling is about 40 metres and the place is packed to the rafters with merchandise. Needless to say, if you don’t where something you want is, you can spend a lot of time looking for it. On this particular day, I was looking for a light switch. Having no idea where the electrical section was, I asked the young woman at the front of the store for directions – big mistake. The brief conversation went something like…..

Me: Excuse me, where wold I find the light switches?

Her: Oh, they’re in the electrical section in the other part of the building.

The young women then walked off, leaving me to make sense of her nonsensical answer.

Firstly, there is no “other” part of the building. The building is one and one alone. “Other” implies more than one. If there is only one – and in this case, there was – the world “other” does not apply. What the fuck did this dippy chick think she was talking about? Secondly, I would assume the light switches were in the “electrical section”; were else would they fucking be – the plumbing section? What I needed to know is where the electrical section is and Ms Dippychick did not help with that in the slightest. In short, the brief conversation was nothing more than a complete waste of my time. Fairly obviously, if that is the best advice Ms Dippychick can come up with, then she is a complete waste of a salary. None the wiser, I set off in search of the electrical section. Along the way, I came across a male Bunnings employee (and why the fuck would anyone employ a woman in a hardware store? Most women don’t know a hammer from their assholes) and repeated my initial enquiry. His answer was much more helpful…..

MBE: They’re in aisle 28, near where all the light fittings are.

Brilliant fucking answer. That’s exactly what I needed to know that the silly young woman at the front of the store didn’t tell me. Armed with me new information, I quickly found the switch I needed and was on my way.

I have had this happen me many a time over the years when asking women important questions and I have finally learned my lesson. The moral of the story is, if you need a proper answer to a question, don’t ask a woman.