Womenspeak Translated Back Into English

Pretty much every man who ever existed has had the experience of hearing one thing from a woman when she meant quite the opposite. It is part of the collective female psyche to never tell the actual truth about anything. I found some examples of this in the comments section of the following post over at ROK…….

ROK – How To Understand Women

Whilst the article itself is interesting, the real gold is in the comments section. Without naming ever contributing commenter, here is a list of the nuggets they contributed which clearly show that what women say never has anything to do with what they mean….

“I hate all men” = My ex was a fucking alpha, he smashed women more beautiful than me and owned me in every situation and didn’t give a fuck about me yet I was attracted to him and kept coming back for more, he left me and I still can’t get over him so I’m going to make the next guys that come into my life suffer.

“That’s okay” = I want to think long and hard about how I’m going to make you suffer

“Whatever” = fuck off

“I’m tired, I think I’m just going to stay in tonight” = I’m going to fuck someone else tonight

“It’s nothing” = this is a big deal

“I’m not ready to have sex yet” = You’ve still got 453 hoops to jump through cowboy

“I can’t stand my ex” = I think about doing him every night

“I don’t suck dick” = i don’t suck YOUR dick

“call me on Thursday to confirm” = you’re my backup plan. I have almost no intention of actually going out with you

“sorry I can’t make it this Friday after all” = I found something better to do

“it’s just girls night out” = I’m looking for the bigger better deal (BBD)

“Your friends are awesome!” = once I get you to commit I’ll alienate every one of them from you and slowly isolate you and your wallet

“I’m not sure what I want” = I don’t want you

“I’m open minded for sex” = I fuked lot of guys. Can you say slut?

“She is a bitch/ slut/ bimbo” = She is more attractive than me and that disturbs me.

“Can you buy me a drink?” = Shit test. Mostly translated to “Are you an undesirable loser?”

“You’re mean!” = You are one of the few who has the guts to neg me/ My beauty and sexuality isn’t working on you.

“I want a guy that will love me for who I am, no matter what” = I’m unlovable.

“I’m for equality” = I don’t wanna be the woman in the relationship. Can you say entitlement issues?!

“I’m adventurous” = I visit new clubs and try new drinks, shoes, and penises.

“You’ll never settle down.” = please settle down with me.

“Are you gay?” = I probably don’t have a chance with you and it frustrates me.

“She’s such a slut” = I’m a slut.

“I hated my father” = I’m easy and like men who abuse me.

“How long was your longest relationship?”= What is the longest you’ve gone before she dumped your ass for somebody better?

“I’m not that type of girl.” = Actually I am, just not with you.

“I just broke up with my boyfriend.” = Your place or mine?

“You remind me of my brother” = I am repulsed at the thought of dating you.

“I like a big guy. It makes me feel protected.” = I like a big guy who can throw me around in the bedroom.

“I haven’t dated anyone in a long time.” = I have a long term fuck buddy.

“I’m scared of being hurt” = I’ve realised I don’t like you as much as I thought i did

“He’s like a brother to me” which is Womanese for “I haven’t fucked him…yet”

“You’re not listening to me” = “You’re not agreeing with me”

“I think we should see other people” = “There’s another guy I want to fuck, but I want to hold on to you, in case he’s a creep who pumps me and dumps me”

“Why do you try to SOLVE my problems when I just need you to LISTEN?!” = “Get ready for a long-ass boring story that could be resolved in under two minutes, using rational thought, but can be drawn out into a marathon bitch-fest.”

“I’d like a guy like you” = “Only not you. I’d want him to be much sexier, and pussy whipped”

“Go ahead and do what you want” = “Don’t you fucking dare!”

“You’re such an asshole!” = “I love you!”

The sad thing is that as obvious as the above is to me now, I fell for this kind of bullshit many a time in my younger years. Back then, there was no internet and hence, no manosphere so I suppose I can use that as an excuse. For the young dudes of today, there is no excuse; learn how to interpret womanspeak and you will be all the better at handling women for it.

Kanye West is a Piece of Shit

Whilst one expects the odd eccentricity from the talented and famous, Kanye West has taken it too far. No wait, he has taken it into a whole new fucking league. Check out the link……

Kanye West Thinks People in Wheelchairs Should Stand Up

How fucking arrogant can you get? Expecting wheelchair bound patrons to stand before you perform. I have new for you, Kanye, you clueless bag of crap, the reason wheelchair bound persons are in wheelchairs is because they can’t stand up. If they could, they wouldn’t be wheelchair bound. Did this stop Mr Fuckhead West from humiliating a small number of obviously handicapped persons because of his own idiotic and ignorant beliefs? No way, West decided that these people needed to be the centre of negative attention; West as much as sicced his “minders” (read steroid-freaks with shrivelled nuts and no brains) onto the handicapped persons to ensure they were in fact in wheelchairs. WHO FUCKING CARES? It takes a lot of courage for handicapped persons to get out in public because of bigoted assholes like West; what business is it of his if some of his patrons (whom are paying customers, let us not forget) can’t stand? Is West so insecure that he sees a seated patron (even one whom cannot stand) as an insult? Is he so insensitive that he sees it as his right to denigrate and humiliate anyone he chooses?

Equally despicable were the members of the audience who jeered at the wheelchair bound patrons; What a bunch of heroes. Did their mommas teach them to act like that. I know their fathers didn’t because assholes like that are usually raised by single moms. Fuck then lot of you.

I hope someone in immigration sees the video in the link and bars that shithead West from ever entering this country again. We don’t need people like that here. If West was even remotely talented, I could understand why some people pay money to listen to his drivel but he is not even that.

Piss off, Kanye West and don’t come back.

Yet Another Reason to Go MGTOW

The world is chock full of retarded feminists (redundancy but I couldn’t help myself) who think that all sex is rape and that all and any men who want sex are depraved deviates who should be locked up. Years ago, I predicted that the warped psychology of feminism would try to have the assumption of innocence of men accused of rape revoked. In the USA, at least, this is one step closer to becoming reality…….

AVfM – Guilty Until Proven Innocent

For years, men whom are merely accused (not convicted or even charged, mind you) often have their names released publicly. The damage to these men’s reputations is often irreparable even if they are found innocent – which given the tendency of women to lodge false rape allegations, they usually are. The resulting damage to the reputation of the modern man is even worse, given the reality of the internet; nothing fades away on the ‘net and nothing is forgotten. That women rarely, if ever, face prosecution or even social censure for lodging FRA’s only increased the odds of any man facing such a damaging accusation at any time in the future.

That being as it may, as it stands, a man accused of rape at least has the (relative security) of knowing that he will face a jury of his peers and (hopefully) the truth will be told in the end. Whilst it is true that the odd innocent man is imprisoned for a rape he did not commit, I would like to think that the vast majority of men falsely accused of rape are not – at least for now. Should feminists ever get their way (and make no mistake about it, this is what feminists want), any man accused of rape will have to prove his is innocent to avoid imprisonment. Effectively, there would be no onus of proof on the accuser. This will result in any number of men imprisoned for rape purely at the say-so of a woman. Should this come to the fore, think of all the men who would be jailed as a result of FRA’s. Think of all the men who – years after the event – would have to prove they didn’t rape a woman they had sex with thirty years ago. My mind boggles just thinking about it. Of course, feminists will bleat on about sparing women alleging rape the trauma of a trial, whilst not caring about the trauma inflicted on a man falsely convicted of a rape he did not commit. At the same time, you will never hear a feminist demand that women who falsely accuse men of rape be punished for their actions either. Given that FRA’s hurt women just as much as they hurt men (after all, women lodging FRA’s take away from the credibility of real rape victims), you would think feminists would have a bit to say about that. But no, as we have come to expect, feminists only care about what suits their bigoted, narrow-minded narrative and fuck everyone else.

This has enormous implications for any man contemplating having sex with a woman at any stage in the future. How does the said man know the woman won’t march down to the local police station and accuse him of rape because she can? Hell, how does any man who doesn’t have sex with the woman know she isn’t going to accuse him of rape because she can. It happens now – any number of men on blogs have reported incidents of women using FRA’s as a form of revenge and if women know they don’t have to prove their allegations, I fail to see why FRA’s won’t become more prevalent.

As I see it, just another reason to go MGTOW.

Why Do Women Insist On Blaming Men for Violence They Bring On Themselves?

Have a look at the mad cunt in the following vid……..

Idiot Woman Driver in Hawaii

and ask yourself the question in the title to this post – why indeed? Surely, if women expect to be protected from violence from men (which is not a significant issue in the first place), then surely it is in their own best interests to not provoke violence from men in the first place. Whilst this makes perfect sense to men (and probably most other reasonably sane men in the world), I am constantly amazed just how many women out their just don’t have a fucking clue. This leads me to conclude one of two things; either…..

a) most women are so self-unaware that they have no idea of how their actions affect others around them.


b) most women honestly believe they have the right to abuse men.

Come to think of it, both of the above are probably correct.

The sad reality is that in the modern world whereby feminist mantra has convinced the powers that be that the only victims of gendered violence/abuse are women with men only occupying the role of abusers, men really can’t afford to defend themselves. As little as twenty years ago, a woman who abused a man like that in public would need to find a dentist (if not, then a plastic surgeon followed by a dentist) and all would be well. As things stand now, if a police officer who saw the above vid was able to identify the male driver, he would likely be charged with some bullshit offence relating to upsetting the poor little unstable psychobitch.

With this legal paradigm in place, is it any wonder that women act the way they do?

The Spearhead – “Do Women’s Sexual Choices Contribute to Domestic Violence?”

Do Women’s Sexual Choices Contribute to Domestic Violence?

The answer to the question in the title is so bloody obvious that it bears not asking. Women most certainly contribute towards their own domestic abuse (which is the main source of abuse for women) by their choice of sexual partner. I goes beyond the obvious to state that if women did not choose to be with abusive men then domestic violence against women would largely be eliminated as a function of lack of opportunity. However, that is easier said than done; as any member of the monosphere will attest, the one thing all women want is a man who makes their ‘ginas tingle and kind, gentle and decent men just don’t achieve this. Ignore what women say on the subject because the first thing any women does when propositioned by any man who will treat her well is run to the nearest bikie/drug dealer for whatever abuse he feels like dishing out. And these guys can dish it out; why would the scum of society bother treating any woman well when a) from his past experience he knows damn well that abusing women keeps them coming back for more and b) he likely has no shortage of women lining up to be abused by him.

Personally, I don’t give a shit what abuses women bring on themselves. If I were to be bitten by a dog I was tormenting, would anyone have sympathy for me? I fucking doubt it as I should have known better. If women were to start making intelligent choices (like any woman in the history of the world has ever made an intelligent choice) regarding their choice of mates and they still got abused, I might start to care but as long as the status quo remains, I fail to see why I should bother.

The one thing that does give me the shits about the whole females-being-abused-in-domestic-situations thing is that feminists and their mangina lackies use this as an excuse to demonise all men for the actions of a very small minority of men. In reality, very few men actively abuse women. The problem is that this small number of abusive men are able to abuse the same women over and over and a seemingly endless supply of new women to abuse. For women (and manginas) everywhere to wake the fuck up and recognise this would require a degree of acceptance of responsibility for their actions and since when has a woman ever done this. It is easier for women to blame all men for the actions of a few and then have the option of rushing back to their bad boy abusers for even more ill treatment.

As a red-pill man, I no longer stay quiet when I hear of women demeaning the male gender at large for the abuses of a few. Whilst I agree that men whom are genuinely abusive towards women should face the consequences of their actions (along with women who abuse men), I fail to see why I or any other decent, non-abusive man should wear any responsibility for it

Even a Tranny-Woman is Better than a Cis-Woman

This one is good for a laugh. Take a look at the following link (and links within)…….


Apparently, in the good ol’ US of A someone decided to compile a list of the top 200 highest paid CEO’s. Not surprising is that only 11 women made the list. If the appointments of the respective CEO’s was on merit instead of affirmative action bullshit, there would likely be only one woman CEO in the top 200. And who would this lone female CEO be, you might ask. It would be Martine Rothblatt who is the highest earning woman CEO in the USA. But here is the kicker – Rothblatt is actually not a woman at all; Rothblatt was born as a male known as Martin Rothblatt. Whilst technically being “female” by virtue of having his male genitalia removed, Rothblatt is nonetheless physiologically and psychologically male.

What this effectively means is that despite all their equality bullshit, the best performing cis women still fall short of a transgendered woman. In short, this proves once and for all that whatever a man can do, a woman probably can’t. Given that cis women (and especially feminists) generally hate transgendered women with a passion, this reality must really be a burr in their collective asses. I can see the manosphere in the USA having a fun time with this one.

Like I said, that was good for a laugh.

Alimony in Australia?

As a rule, alimony is very rarely awarded in divorce proceedings in Australia. The exception being when the poorer spouse is largely dependent on the more affluent spouse and for whatever reason, is unlikely to be able to survive independently. The most common exception being significant disability. I don’t have a problem with this in general as it provides for ex-spouses in proven and justified need. Specifically, alimony is generally not allowed in cases whereby the poorer spouse could be reasonably expected to get off their (although usually her) ass and get a fucking job. All the above makes the case in the following link interesting……..


His ex-wife, former lawyer and independent musician Sally Street, said she was struggling to make ends meet, and had recently had to hock a $10,000 ring for a fraction of its value in order to buy food. She receives a $600-a-fortnight Centrelink payment and makes about $200 per month as a musician, the court heard.”

Is this fucking serious? The ex is a fucking lawyer and she has trouble making ends meet? What does this entitled cunt do all fucking day? Obviously she is not looking for a job or doing anything that might lead to her getting a fucking job and no, being a “street musician” is not a fucking job.

A high-profile Sydney barrister has had his repayments to his ex-wife reduced so he can avoid bankruptcy, but the court has ordered him to keep paying some of the rent on her Watson’s bay rental apartment, as well as $2000 per month so she can lease a Porsche.”

What. The. Fuck????????

Why is the ex-wife entitled to drive a fucking Porsche? If she can’t afford a car off her own back (or on her own back, as a lot of women like to earn it) she should be driving. If the courts ruled the ex-husband had to buy the ex-wife a bus pass every month I might agree but a fucking Porsche? What the hell was the judge thinking? Was the judge even thinking?

In addition to the payments on the house and car, Mr Street will be obligated to pay Ms Street $1300 per month in child support.”

Not only does the ex-hubby (who by all accounts is facing bankruptcy) have to pay his ex-woman to live in a house and drive a luxury car, he has to pay her a bullshit amount of child support. It does not cost $2600 (based on 50%) a month to raise a child. Basically, the ex-husband has been and will continues to be fleeced by his divorce American style.

The garnishee order was varied by associate justice Joanne Harrison recently.”

I had a feeling this was the case; a fucking female justice looking after her fellow vagina owner. Christ do these bitches stick together – even to the point of avoiding the law. As stated above, alimony is not part of the Australian divorce process unless there are extreme mitigating circumstances. I fail to see what circumstances exist in this case. Effectively, the female justice has imposed alimony on this husband.

It will be interesting to see if the husband appeals the woman justice’s rulings. He should as they are not lawful in as far as I can see. If the husband does not appeal the rulings then is this going to be the beginning of alimony being routinely awarded in Australian divorces.

Like Australian men don’t already have enough reasons not to marry.

ROK – “What It’s Like To Date A Strong And Independent Woman”

The subject of the “strong and independent woman” is one that always gets a laugh out of me. I tend to think of strong and independent women as being a bit like the Tooth Fairy and she don’t exist either. At any rate, I have seen enough “S&I” women to now that dating one would be a really bad idea. The link to the ROK article in the title pretty much agrees with why………


AV8R ( who wrote the ROK article) raises a number of very relevant – yet unfortunate – facts about dealing with S&I women. For example……..

Everywhere I went with with this broad—and I mean everywhere—she made it a point to let everyone know that she was a doctor. Do you know how embarrassing that shit was?”

Been there and done that. I know other men married to S&I women who have to put up with exactly that and I can’t help cringe every time I hear it.

Nothing kills a boner quicker than the prattling hole that comes standard on every “strong and independent” woman’s face.”

The sad reality is that most women have no idea how much of a turn off it is to hear them bullshit on about how S&I they are (or think they are). Women love to say that men are “intimidated” by S&I women and I am going to put paid to that line of shit here and now. MEN ARE NOT INTIMIDATED BY WOMEN WHO THINK THEY ARE STRONG AND INDEPENDENT. MEN ARE TURNED OFF BY WOMEN WHO CONTINUALLY GO ON AND ON ABOUT HOW “S&I” THEY THINK THEY ARE. The reality is that being S&I is no big deal; after all men are expected to be strong and independent and I can’t remember the last time I heard a man tell me how S&I he was. For some reason, women seem to think that achieving what is expected of men – even though men have none of the advantages given to women – is a big fucking deal. Wake up, Princesses – it isn’t.

On the other hand, I tend to view people who constantly make the same claim about themselves over and over as being full of shit. Someone who is genuinely happy won’t ever tell you how happy they are because they won’t care about impressing you; they’ll be too busy being happy. The only people that go around telling everyone how happy they are tend to be people whom are miserable. The same applies to women who constantly remind everyone else how “strong and independent” they are. In most cases, were it not for female-friendly universities and affirmative action legislation forcing employers to hire them, most of the “S&I” women would still be living with their parents. In reality, S&I is only S&I if you earn it off your own back; if the rules have to be changed to suit you, then it doesn’t count and no one cares.

AV8R hit on another point that I have noticed that “S&I” women don’t have a clue about……..

She couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that no one gave a single shred of a half-mast fuck about her medical degree.”

There is a particular silly bitch in my organisation who loves to tell anyone who’ll listen (and anyone who wishes they didn’t have to) that she is doing her masters at present. Big fucking deal. Most of the people in our organisation already have a masters and they don’t give a shit either. As far as job performance goes being good at what you do is what people respect you for. Having a piece of paper from a university in nice but doesn’t ultimately prove a great deal. Pretty much every “S&I” woman I have ever met has been oblivious to this.

AV8R mentioned the issue of his woman (or former woman) driving a BMW. I have noticed a trend that nearly every woman who feels she has “made it” in the world needs to show her “success” by buying a luxury car. More often than not, the silly bimbos default on the payments and the car gets repossessed (which says a lot about women being “S&I” in the first place). Most women tend to do this way before they set up a savings plan (oh, wait – I forgot, women don’t know how to save money) or buy a house. To a woman, buying a luxury car she  can’t afford is essential to show the world how “S&I” she is. Remember what I said earlier about people using boasting to cover up their true feelings? Same applies here; women feel the need to prove how “S&I” they want to be because deep down, they know it is all a charade.

There is one paragraph in the article that I want to copy in its entirety……..

So, where have all the good men gone? Perhaps a better question would be: where have all the women that know how to shut the fuck up gone? It’s safe to say that more and more decent men will be riding off into the sunset with their middle fingers held high in the air. A very large portion of these men aren’t exactly basement dwelling retards, either. There are millions upon millions of cumulative dollars being earned by tons of men, and these men will not be sharing that money with a bunch of yippy yappy babbling female assholes. This trend will not be slowing down as time passes by, that’s a guarantee.”

That is absolute gold. If any one passage summarised how many men feel about the modern female, that would have to be it.

Prostitution is NOT About Men Exploiting Women

If you read just about anything written by a woman or anyone else from the left side of society on the subject of prostitution, inevitably you will hear of the hordes of poor, suffering women who resort to being used and exploited by men because they have no other options for employment. Sadly many people believe this trope without considering the alternative – women who shun honest work to fuck for bucks because they have questionable moral standards and haven’t got the dedication to do a decent day’s work. Take Amanda Goff in the following links……….



To cut a long story short, Goff is a silly bitch of a journalist who gave up her career to become a whore. According to her own description, Goff is a high-class whore but in anyone’s book, a whore is a whore. So much for the feminist premise that all prostitutes are forced into hiring their cunts to any bidder; Goff is proof that many whores hire their cunts because it is an easy way to make a living. Having said that, Goff is not the first woman in history to make a living as a cunt-for-hire. Quite the opposite; since time eternal, women have made the decision to use their cunts to get ahead in the world. In the vast majority of these cases, the women-cum-whores made the voluntary decision to become whores. No one put a gun to their heads. Few of them faced the decision to sell their cunts or starve. Probably even fewer didn’t have a man at home that they pledged to be faithful to. The reality is that give a woman the chance to use her cunt to further herself and she probably will.

Not that voluntary whores like Goff give a shit about how their actions affect those around them……

Amanda Goff has taken to documenting her new life as a high class escort where the 40 year old mother of two


My father wrote me an email saying, ‘You’re disgusting’. He was so hurt, understandably. I probably broke his heart,” she said.”

Good one, Goff. It’s bad enough you chose to be a whore but then you had to go and announce it on national television. Thanks to the internet, what should be your shame is going to be your children’s shame for the rest of their lives. Obviously you didn’t care about what your parents would think either. The reaction of your father is more than fair enough; I can only imagine how your mother – assuming she is still alive – must feel. Then again, you obviously didn’t think about that or even give a shit, did you?

And what is Goff’s justification for becoming a whore?……….

After my separation I dated a few men. I had a few let-downs and I thought, that is it. Nobody is taking advantage of me anymore. I’m going to become empowered, and this is what I’m going to do.”

Oh, that makes a lot of sense. The perfect response to having a few let-downs in your personal life is to become a whore. Why didn’t I think of that (apart from the fact I am not a woman)? I can’t imagine how “empowered” it must be to sell your cunt for a living as opposed to having a respectable career as say, a journalist. But then, I’m just a law-abiding, respectable, taxpaying member of society; what the fuck do I know?

Of course, Goff tries to make she is not a “real” whore by stating bullshit like……..

she is more “like a naked therapist“.”


The mother of two said that of her many clients of various ages, only 40 percent will ask for sex.”

Anyone who believes that is too stupid to be allowed to live. The “not really about sex” idea must be why Goff uses the following picture to promote herself……

Samantha X

Oh, yes – that just doesn’t scream, “FUCK ME”. The reality is that Goff chose to be a whore and that is all she is.

One disturbing aspect of Goff’s situation is how others – in particular, other women – around her reacted to it……..

The journalist candidly tells the program that most of the parents of the school lunch shop where she volunteers at her children’s school already knew what she did for a living.”

I’m willing to bet that most of the “parents” involved are women as women tend to be the ones who staff school lunch shops. One has to wonder how many of these women went out of their way to keep Goff’s seedy sex-work a secret from anyone who might have a right to know. Like for example, men she dated. On that note, how many men are unwittingly married to prostitutes who use friends and other significant people to keep hubby in the dark? Do you still blame men of all ages whom are suspicious of women generally?

And by the way, stop calling Goff a “journalist” because she’s not. She’s a whore.

As long as women have the option of becoming whores, many will and will do so with no consideration to anyone other than themselves. Whilst there probably are some women forced into prostitution throughout the world, the fact is that in the developed world most women who become whores (and fuck knows what portion of the female population have at some time in their lives been a whore), do so quite voluntarily and couldn’t give two shits about the effect this will have on anyone else. Throw this in the face of the next left-leaning idiot who insists on blaming men for women ending up as prostitutes.

ROK – “A Good Wife Versus A Bad Wife”

The following post appeared over at ROK the other week……..


This is a pretty good description of what most men want in a wife on one hand and what they actually get on the other and the contrast is massive. The former example would have most men lining up to propose to her. If most women were like this, the concept of a marriage strike would become both redundant and insane in an instant. The second example is probably closer to the reality of the modern woman/wife than most people would care to admit – especially feminists. Any woman whom is even remotely like the woman in this example is going to have a hard time capturing a quality man and will have little offer any man.

In reality, both of the examples listed are taken from the extremes; no good wife could possibly be that good (could she?) and no bad wife could be that bad (although I know of a few women that would come close). Feminists reading the article would no doubt state that men should be grateful for what they get and therein lies a large chunk of the problem – if women view that it is their job to set the standards for female behaviour for men to accept (and they are allowed/encouraged to do so) then no-one should be surprised when women devolve into something that in no way represents value for a man to marry. At the same, it is unreasonable for men to expect their women to be virtual slaves, which is pretty much what the first example aims at. In the same way as men expect their wives to treat them with respect, the same has to work the other way around.

When I think of my idealised marriage partner – not that I have any intention of getting married – I tend to think of a woman who serves and respects me as I serve and respect her. I’m willing to bet most men feel the same way. Sadly, modern women seem to want to have relationships all their own way with no room for the compromise necessary to sustain a relationship. With this is mind, I don’t hold out great hope for healthy male/female relationships in the future.