“Why Are Only Women Called Sluts?”

It’s an age-old question that most women just cannot seem to grasp the notion of. The reality is that men who have the opportunity to screw around are valued whilst women who fuck around are not. Basically, a key that can unlock many locks in a valuable key but a lock than can be unlocked by many keys in a worthless lock. I would never expect a woman to grasp that one either.

I was reading this article over at ROK when I happened to glance through the comments section. One comment got my attention and whilst it had little to do with the article it is nonetheless worthy of note……

“I was at a party once where a drunken feminist was holding court, loudly stating how hard women have it …blah blah. She asked to the room “why are only women called ‘sluts’?”. In a very calm voice I answered “I don’t know, why are only men called ‘cowards’?”.” (The emphasis is mine)

I have often what is a suitable retort for the “only women are called sluts” trope and here it is. As mentioned by another commenter, typically male-oriented insults like deadbeats and losers can also be used. Women love to bitch at men when they get called names but none of them (or their mangina supplicants) seem to realise that men get labelled routinely with things that are never applied to women.

If nothing else, I have a retort the next time some silly woman tries to point out her perceived hypocrisy when she gets upset at a man labelling a promiscuous woman a slut. Who says you don’t learn something new every day?

Black Knighting

A useful tool for dealing with typical modern-day entitled women is black knighting. without quoting an actual definition of black knighting (which I can’t find anyway), I define black knighting as…….

…..the art of cutting through the modern woman’s false sense of elevated worth and entitlement to make her realise she is not all that special.

Works for me.

I have actually done this a number of times recently  without meaning to with devastating results. The first was with a woman I work with who is about 50yo and is obviously desperately to hold back the years (and not successfully either). She made the comment that her daughter has started driving. I replied that when your kids are old enough to drive, you know you are getting old. The look on her face was priceless – I am reminded of a tire deflating; pretty much all the wind went out of her and for a second, I thought she might start crying. Basically, with one well-crafted sentence, I brought this silly bitch’s inflated opinion of herself back to Earth with a resounding thud. Mission accomplished.

The second occasion occurred when I was with a group of people (male and female) and one particular woman (who is in her twenties and is probably a 6-7) commented that she was attracted to a guy we all knew who was not present. The guy in question ought to be a male model – he looks that good. I turned to the woman in question and commented that the guy in question is way out of her league. The end result was much the same as with the previous woman – she looked like she wanted to crawl into a hole and cry.

The moral of the story is that for all their bluster and bullshit, most women really don’t really believe their own press. A woman might state on her life that she is the sexiest, smartest, whatever-est there is but deep down inside, all it takes is one well-aimed pointed barb for all her insecurities to come out. The nature of women is to be thin-skinned in the extreme and the man who doesn’t take advantage of this in dealing with them is leaving a powerful tool out of his armoury.

So You Still Think Men Can’t Be On The End Of Violence By Women?

Anyone who actually believes a man cannot be on the receiving end of violence from a woman needs to watch this video. WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT OF VIOLENCE.

This young man has been seriously assaulted by his psychobitch ex-girlfriend for daring to break up their relationship; something women do to men endlessly yet we men are expected to take such things in a civilised fashion. At least, we are severely punished if we don’t. As I watched the vid, the dude has called the police and he had possession of the weapon his ex used to assault him. I can only hope he gets some justice for the harm done to him and he is able to move on with his life in safety. Women get away with this sort of shit far too often.

Does anyone still actually believe that women never perpetrate violence against men?

This is Why White-Knighting is a Bad Idea

The bane of nearly all MRA’s are white knights/mangina’s. Some just gotta go along with the socially indoctrinated mentality of helping out a woman in trouble, regardless of who started the shit in the first place. Take this unfortunate individual. He stepped in because he saw two men having a disagreement with a woman. Note that it is not mentioned who started what, he just had to get involved to protect a poor little woman. And what did he get for his trouble? I think the picture speaks as thousand words. Notice that whilst the two males in the original argument are mentioned as assaulting our would-be hero, there is no mention of what happened to the woman he was trying to protect. It certainly seems like she has not come to the aid of her would-be rescuer. For all we know (and can be reasonably safe to assume), the woman has simply used the white knight’s intervention to flee the scene and save her own hide.

Essentially, simply for the action of sticking his nose into a disagreement involving a woman, our white knight has had the shit knocked out of him. Had he done the smart thing and kept to himself, he would have gone home looking (and feeling) a lot better than he eventually wound up.

And let’s be real, it’s not like the woman in question will ever say thank you to the white knight because they never do. The woman will be out looking for the next cock on the carousel. The odds the cops will catch the male assailants is slim because all they have to go on is shitty CCTV footage.

White knights are never the winners; they always end up on the shit end of the stick. The next time you get an urge to do the white knight thing to defend a woman who in all likelihood has started her own problems, do yourself a favour and don’t.

This is What is Wrong with Western Women

Women in the western world generally don’t have a fucking clue when it comes to being a decent human being. This has been shown in many and varied videos and whatnot over the last so many years. I have found another shining example of why women of the western world should be kept on a tight leash with a man holding the other end…..

Typical Western Woman

I have no idea why it is that pretty much every woman in the western world thinks the rules of whatever situation don’t apply to her. They have rules of behaviour for being on a commercial airliner for good reasons; two of these being the safety and consideration of others. Most reasonable human beings – read: men – just go along with this for the greater good. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever seen a vid of a man being apprehended by airport security. I have, however, seen a number of videos of women being apprehended by aircraft security purely for being inconsiderate cunts. As a man, I have the assumption that if I am to go on an airliner, I should be expected to abide by whatever reasonable restrictions the carrier decides to put on me for the duration of the flight. Alternately, if this were not acceptable to be, I would be expected to make other travel arrangements. I am willing to bet most other men would feel the same. Yet for some reason, the woman in the vid – like most women – seems to believe the rules don’t apply to her. At one stage, the numb bitch even pulls out the mommy card. Newsflash, sweetheart: being a mommy doesn’t mean shit. Daddies are expected to follow the rules; mommies are too. Not only that, presumably after being removed from the aircraft, the silly cunt insists on arguing with the security guards/police (I am not sure which) for at least five minutes – the length of the vid.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen that bitch in handcuffs just to teach her a couple of lessons: a) do as you are fucking told when on an airplane or don’t fly and b) don’t waste people’s time.

Failing that, she would be a good excuse to discharge a taser.

Bogans – The shame of Australia

Every country has them – the low-life, poorly educated, genetically inferior shitbags whom are nothing but a drain on society. In the UK, these people are called Chavs; America has white trash. Here in Australia, we have Bogans. Ask any Australian what a Bogan is and watch the reaction. With the exception of Muslims, no one demographic is more hated in Australia than the Bogans. If they are not being abusive and drunk in public the they are breaking into your house to fund their drug habits. Above and beyond all else, Bogans are known for their constant and unjustified anger and sense of entitlement. For a good example, see the vid below……

Typical Australian Bogan

I am usually a strong critic of the conduct of police officers, however in the above traffic stop, the cop couldn’t have been more courteous – despite very strong provocation from the bogan and his crack-whore of a woman. Keep in mind that the issue was that the Bogan has a broken taillight on his car (which it clearly was). It is not like he was going to be facing a prison sentence for it. Yet, this drug-addled, oxygen waster insisted on making a scene by abusing the police officer in the presence of all others around. The fact is that the Bogan went out of his way to make his own life difficult. On the odd occasion where I – a law abiding citizen – have been pulled over for having a faulty light at the rear of my car, I have had the attitude of, “Yes sir, you are right sir, three bags full sir”. On every occasion I have been let off with a gentle reminder to get it fixed pronto. In my experience, people appreciate being treated with respect and coppers are any different. The dickhead Bogan – on the other hand – made his own situation by his aggressive and abusive conduct towards the officer. Whilst police officers have a lot of discretion in their duties, I have no doubt that in this case the officer had no problem with slapping the bogan with a fine for the defective taillight, a defect notice for his car and another fine for obscene language in public. All of which the idiot Bogan deserved.

The above vid poses many questions…….

a) Cops in Australia has Tasers. How much of an asshole does one have to be to be on the receiving end? Personally, I think having a couple of million volts go though his nuts would have done the fuckwit bogan the world of good.

b) Why can’t people be arrested for abusive and obscene language? I always thought you could be.

c) This Bogan (and his shitlord woman and any genetically fucked up kids they might have) are never likely to contribute anything to society. Why are they allowed to continue to waste oxygen?

d) Why do we allow this kind of scum to reproduce? People like the two ‘tards in the Falcon have nothing to offer next generation. They should be sterilised so they our children don’t have to put up with their problems.

And the list goes on. Basically, Bogans are about the most useless form of life on the continent of Australia. Given that this country also has wombats and dingoes, that is saying a lot. My only regret is that the TV show that shot the vid fuzzed out the Bogan’s face. Personally, I wold have preferred to have let the world see him for the piece of shit he is.

This Is Why Female Police Are Irrelevant

Have a look at the following vid of two female police officers in action and tell me you still think female police officers are a good idea…..

This is why female cops are useless

In summary, one fairly normal male crim easily overpowers to female cops and attempts to abscond. The crim is then easily brought down by a male bystander. One the female cops enter the fray again and the male civilian backs off, the male crim gets the upper hand again, requiring the intervention of the good Samaritan male civilian. The vid is painful viewing for anyone who actually believes women can be effective in the police force – the same can be said of women in any emergency field or any of the armed forces. How many crooks get away from the law due to the incompetence of female cops like the ones in the vid? Does anyone actually believe that had the male crim been minded by a couple of male coppers, he would have had the opportunity to abscond? No fucking way he would have; at the first sign of resistance, two male coppers (hell, one male copper) would have shoved him back into the police car and that would have been that. Even then, had the perp miraculously managed to find his way out of the police vehicle, a male copper would have chased him down and immobilised him ASAP. The reality is that having two female police officers doing a job for which they are physiologically unsuited for almost resulted in a criminal getting loose AND endangering a civilian who effectively had to do the femi-cops’ job for them.

In true PC fashion, the newspaper article downplays the incompetence of the female police involved, even to the point of falsely claiming they regained control of the situation…..

I also want to pay tribute to the way in which the two officers quickly regained control of the situation, despite the violence that was directed towards them.”

No they fucking didn’t. The male civilian regained control of the situation and not once, but twice. Why should a member of society have to do the police’s work for them because of PC regulations that allow physically unable women in to the fucking police force in the first place?

As I mentioned earlier, that this crim is now – presumably – behind bars has purely to do with the actions of a bystander (a male) and speaks nothing good about the actions or capabilities of the female police officers. If the police force that employs these idiots has any sense of responsibility to the public, these two women would either be demoted or outright fired. But then, if it were possible to fire a woman for incompetence, no woman in the world would have a job.

Reddit – A Guy Not Knowing How to Handle Being Cucked

One of the saddest things in the world is knowing of a another man who is the process of being cuckolded and he obviously has no idea in the slightest about his situation or what to do about it. One such story is in the following link to a snapshot from Reddit……

A Beta Being Cucked

Whilst reading this guy’s story, two thoughts came to me……

a) he has no idea what the fuck is happening or what to do about it.


b) there was a time when I – in my former blue pill days – could just as easily been the guy in the story. Thank Christ for the Red Pill. I hope the guy in the link swallows it real soon.

Without listing specific quotes, it is pretty obvious this guy is with a woman who is looking to upgrade (the again, show me a woman who isn’t). Make no mistake about it – this is why women get on Facebook; women do not get on FB to keep up with their friends (that’s why we have telephones) or any of the other bullshit reasons they spout. Women get on FB to find new men. If this involves breaking up their own relationship as well as someone else’s so be it; why no one ever condemns female homewreckers is beyond me. Men don’t get a free pass on this one but women seem free to do as they fucking please.

The man’s woman won’t end her internet relationship with her new man and eventually ends up visiting him for the weekend. Here’s a gentle hint for all men who don’t have a clue: women travel long distances to visit men they are not related to for one reason – to get fucked by them. Any woman who says otherwise is a fucking lying cunt.

The guy mentioned he was close to leaving on several occasions. This is a big mistake for one main reason – if you are going to leave, just do it. Basically, just tell the bitch it is over, have a good life and go…….and never look back. This is pretty much the only way to handle an unfaithful woman. Getting emotional and letting a woman disrespect you is no way to run your sexual affairs. Having a clear-cut set of rules with sudden-death penalties for disobedience is the only way for a man to manage women in his life. Sadly, the man in the link knew none of the above and paid the penalty for it.

I am going to list one quote from the post just to show how clueless our beta subject is…..

But one cannot just throw away a whole relationship forever. That’s what I don’t get. I just don’t see how talking online for a month could even challenge 7 years of love together, you know?”

As any devotee of the Red Pill knows, ‘gina tingles have no sense of time. You could be married to a woman for thirty years and if a new guy comes along who makes her pussy wet, she’ll jump ship. Women nowadays have no motivation not to; women who run out on their husbands get overly generous divorce payouts and suffer no social shame. The other problem the guy has is that he talks about “7 years of love”. He may have had seven years of love but in my experience, women never love men, they just love the way men make them feel. That is, as soon as another man comes along who makes them feel the same or better, they jump ship with no regrets.

I don’t pity the guy in the link for his plight. After all, he sounds like he was just doing everything his parents, society and women have told him to do when it comes to women. As any Red Pill man knows, none of the above works. Had the guy been a follower of the red pill, he could have saved himself a lot of grief by dumping his whorish woman a long time earlier than he did. I only hope this guy learns from his experience and conducts his future relationships in a manner that advantages himself and not a woman. Better yet, perhaps he will come over to the Red Pill side.

Womenspeak Translated Back Into English

Pretty much every man who ever existed has had the experience of hearing one thing from a woman when she meant quite the opposite. It is part of the collective female psyche to never tell the actual truth about anything. I found some examples of this in the comments section of the following post over at ROK…….

ROK – How To Understand Women

Whilst the article itself is interesting, the real gold is in the comments section. Without naming ever contributing commenter, here is a list of the nuggets they contributed which clearly show that what women say never has anything to do with what they mean….

“I hate all men” = My ex was a fucking alpha, he smashed women more beautiful than me and owned me in every situation and didn’t give a fuck about me yet I was attracted to him and kept coming back for more, he left me and I still can’t get over him so I’m going to make the next guys that come into my life suffer.

“That’s okay” = I want to think long and hard about how I’m going to make you suffer

“Whatever” = fuck off

“I’m tired, I think I’m just going to stay in tonight” = I’m going to fuck someone else tonight

“It’s nothing” = this is a big deal

“I’m not ready to have sex yet” = You’ve still got 453 hoops to jump through cowboy

“I can’t stand my ex” = I think about doing him every night

“I don’t suck dick” = i don’t suck YOUR dick

“call me on Thursday to confirm” = you’re my backup plan. I have almost no intention of actually going out with you

“sorry I can’t make it this Friday after all” = I found something better to do

“it’s just girls night out” = I’m looking for the bigger better deal (BBD)

“Your friends are awesome!” = once I get you to commit I’ll alienate every one of them from you and slowly isolate you and your wallet

“I’m not sure what I want” = I don’t want you

“I’m open minded for sex” = I fuked lot of guys. Can you say slut?

“She is a bitch/ slut/ bimbo” = She is more attractive than me and that disturbs me.

“Can you buy me a drink?” = Shit test. Mostly translated to “Are you an undesirable loser?”

“You’re mean!” = You are one of the few who has the guts to neg me/ My beauty and sexuality isn’t working on you.

“I want a guy that will love me for who I am, no matter what” = I’m unlovable.

“I’m for equality” = I don’t wanna be the woman in the relationship. Can you say entitlement issues?!

“I’m adventurous” = I visit new clubs and try new drinks, shoes, and penises.

“You’ll never settle down.” = please settle down with me.

“Are you gay?” = I probably don’t have a chance with you and it frustrates me.

“She’s such a slut” = I’m a slut.

“I hated my father” = I’m easy and like men who abuse me.

“How long was your longest relationship?”= What is the longest you’ve gone before she dumped your ass for somebody better?

“I’m not that type of girl.” = Actually I am, just not with you.

“I just broke up with my boyfriend.” = Your place or mine?

“You remind me of my brother” = I am repulsed at the thought of dating you.

“I like a big guy. It makes me feel protected.” = I like a big guy who can throw me around in the bedroom.

“I haven’t dated anyone in a long time.” = I have a long term fuck buddy.

“I’m scared of being hurt” = I’ve realised I don’t like you as much as I thought i did

“He’s like a brother to me” which is Womanese for “I haven’t fucked him…yet”

“You’re not listening to me” = “You’re not agreeing with me”

“I think we should see other people” = “There’s another guy I want to fuck, but I want to hold on to you, in case he’s a creep who pumps me and dumps me”

“Why do you try to SOLVE my problems when I just need you to LISTEN?!” = “Get ready for a long-ass boring story that could be resolved in under two minutes, using rational thought, but can be drawn out into a marathon bitch-fest.”

“I’d like a guy like you” = “Only not you. I’d want him to be much sexier, and pussy whipped”

“Go ahead and do what you want” = “Don’t you fucking dare!”

“You’re such an asshole!” = “I love you!”

The sad thing is that as obvious as the above is to me now, I fell for this kind of bullshit many a time in my younger years. Back then, there was no internet and hence, no manosphere so I suppose I can use that as an excuse. For the young dudes of today, there is no excuse; learn how to interpret womanspeak and you will be all the better at handling women for it.

Kanye West is a Piece of Shit

Whilst one expects the odd eccentricity from the talented and famous, Kanye West has taken it too far. No wait, he has taken it into a whole new fucking league. Check out the link……

Kanye West Thinks People in Wheelchairs Should Stand Up

How fucking arrogant can you get? Expecting wheelchair bound patrons to stand before you perform. I have new for you, Kanye, you clueless bag of crap, the reason wheelchair bound persons are in wheelchairs is because they can’t stand up. If they could, they wouldn’t be wheelchair bound. Did this stop Mr Fuckhead West from humiliating a small number of obviously handicapped persons because of his own idiotic and ignorant beliefs? No way, West decided that these people needed to be the centre of negative attention; West as much as sicced his “minders” (read steroid-freaks with shrivelled nuts and no brains) onto the handicapped persons to ensure they were in fact in wheelchairs. WHO FUCKING CARES? It takes a lot of courage for handicapped persons to get out in public because of bigoted assholes like West; what business is it of his if some of his patrons (whom are paying customers, let us not forget) can’t stand? Is West so insecure that he sees a seated patron (even one whom cannot stand) as an insult? Is he so insensitive that he sees it as his right to denigrate and humiliate anyone he chooses?

Equally despicable were the members of the audience who jeered at the wheelchair bound patrons; What a bunch of heroes. Did their mommas teach them to act like that. I know their fathers didn’t because assholes like that are usually raised by single moms. Fuck then lot of you.

I hope someone in immigration sees the video in the link and bars that shithead West from ever entering this country again. We don’t need people like that here. If West was even remotely talented, I could understand why some people pay money to listen to his drivel but he is not even that.

Piss off, Kanye West and don’t come back.